When do most boating accidents occur?

As you might imagine, most people get out onto the open water in the warm summer months. With more vessels on the lakes, rivers and ocean, there is a greater chance for boating accidents during the summer. According to the United States Coast Guard, the greatest number of accidents for 2014 occurred in July, with 961 accidents nationwide. Of those, about 11 percent resulted in fatalities.

However, other months were more fatal percentage-wise than July. For instance, in April, there were 232 accidents. Of those, 47 resulted in fatalities — 20 percent. November is usually a slow month for boating, but in that month as well, 20 percent of the 105 accidents resulted in fatalities. When it comes to the percentage of accidents resulting in death, late autumn through early winter is the most dangerous.

Time of day also plays a major role in boating fatalities. Unfortunately, over 35 percent of all fatal accidents are not able to accurately be placed in a certain time frame. But, for those accidents that can be placed in a timeframe, midnight to 2:30 a.m. is the deadliest. There are a number of reasons this is the case. There will likely be fewer boats on the water that can react to an emergency situation, and boat operators out at that time of night will not be able to see far enough ahead to avoid potential collisions.

Finally, the deadliest days of the week for boating are Saturday and Sunday. This phenomenon is pretty self-explanatory. More people are able to get out onto the water on the weekend, when work and other responsibilities are left on the shore. It is vital for any water vessel operator to be attentive and mindful of their surroundings, especially when the waterways are congested on the weekends.