How do I recover damages after a boating accident?

There are only certain times you can recover compensation after a boating accident. The most common is when another boat crashes into yours. More often than not, operators of both boats are at least partially at fault. For instance, if one boat is speeding and hits another, but the other wasn’t properly looking out, both operators would be at fault.

Another sticky situation would be one in which a boat crashes into a particularly large wake caused by another boat. In general, boat operators are required to look out for dangers like that. However, if a boat does create a particularly large wake, especially in a no-wake zone, they could be held liable for negligence. These are just a couple of the many situations in which compensation may be recovered.

The state of Florida operates under pure comparative negligence. That means the money you can recover is directly proportional to your part in the accident. For instance, if the judge believes you are owed $10,000 for your damages, but you are deemed 30 percent responsible for the accident, you can only recover $7,000 in compensation. Often, this comes down to opinions, and it is vital you have an experienced attorney who knows how to handle these cases.

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