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Clearwater Beach’s white sands and blue waters are appreciated by locals and visitors alike. The city of Clearwater, Florida also boasts hundreds of excellent businesses as well as outstanding neighborhoods. Our economic hub makes the causeway and both sides of highway 19 buzzing with activity.

Unfortunately, this buzz can quickly turn into a noisy din when traffic accidents happen in Clearwater. Accident victims can be seriously hurt, resulting in broken bones, nerve damage, brain injuries, and other car accident injuries that require serious hospitalization. Massive hospital bills usually follow, even for those who thought they had “good” insurance.

If you have been hurt in a car wreck in Clearwater, you are likely worried about your medical bills and other accident-related expenses. You can file an injury claim with the help of a car accident lawyer in Clearwater to seek all of your damages from every at-fault party.

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Steinger, Greene & Feiner has a reputation for winning large settlements for our clients throughout Florida. We work closely with you to record every penny of your damages and identify all at-fault parties who could be responsible for the costs.

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Types of Damages Available After an Accident in Clearwater

Most car accidents in Florida are handled with a claim through your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance provider. This insurance is required in Florida for all registered vehicles. It pays for some of the costs of your own injuries no matter who was at fault, which is why it’s sometimes called “no-fault” insurance.

PIP claims pay for:

  • 80% of reasonable and necessary medical expenses up to $10,000
  • 60% of lost wages, up to $10,000
  • Funeral and burial expenses up to $5,000

As you can see, a PIP policy only covers a small portion of your accident losses. You will need to cover the remaining 20% of your hospital bills with your personal medical insurance if you have any available. You are forced to eat the cost of the remaining 40% of your lost wages.

Fortunately, there is another option for paying your injury costs after a car accident in Clearwater: bodily injury liability (BIL) insurance. BIL coverage comes from at-fault drivers who caused your accident. BIL insurance is optional for most people, but they may purchase it to protect themselves from getting sued. Commercial drivers are required by Florida law (F.S. §324.021) to carry BIL insurance.

BIL claims pay for the remaining balance on:

  • Hospital bills
  • Out-of-pocket medical treatment expenses
  • Lost wages

A BIL claim will also pay for your pain and suffering, a type of damages not available under PIP insurance.

How to File a Third-Party Liability Insurance (BIL) Claim in Clearwater

To be eligible for a BIL claim, you must have a qualifying “serious injury” and be able to prove that your accident was the fault of another drivers. Types of serious injuries include broken bones, amputations, severe scarring of the face, substantial limited use of a bodily system, or any injury that makes you generally disabled for at least 90 days.

Steinger, Greene & Feiner understands the types of injuries that cause insurers and Florida courts to agree that the victim meets the “serious injury” threshold. We also know how to gather evidence that can convince juries of fault. We use these skills to seek winning results for our injured clients.

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