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Case Results

As plaintiff personal injury lawyers, we take pride in the work we do exclusively for individuals, not big business. We work tirelessly to achieve the greatest possible recoveries for each of our clients and their families, and best of all, our clients pay us nothing until we win for them.

Below is a list of just a few of the thousands of settlements and awards we have won on our clients’ behalf to date – amounts are before attorney fees and medical cost deductions. Attorney fees and medical costs are covered by the settlement or award won – this means if we don’t win a settlement or verdict for you, you pay us nothing. Naturally, every case and every client is unique, as are the results we obtain – clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results in each case.

  • $475,000


    Our client, a 28 year old woman from Weston, had just spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with her family. As she was on her way home, she was struck head on by a car driving the wrong way down a divided highway. The driver of the car going the wrong way was impaired by the sleeping medication Ambien.

    Our client was rushed to the emergency room, and she sustained serious neck injuries. As a result of her injuries, she had to undergo a cervical fusion, she was forced to incur substantial medical bills, and she may require additional surgeries in the future.

    Although the liability was clear, the defendant’s insurance carrier disputed our client’s neck injury and surgery, claiming it was unrelated to the collision.

    While the jury was deliberating, our firm achieved a settlement for our client in the amount of $475,000. The settlement is almost 5 times the responsible driver’s policy limits of $100,000.

  • $450,000

    Settlement for workplace accident resulting in multiple surgeries

  • $441,000

    Settlement for trip on board at industrial site

  • $350,000

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney Neil Anthony rejected a $30,000 offer in favor of bringing his client’s auto accident case to trial where he successfully recouped $350,000. Mr. Anthony defended his client’s need to endure difficult surgeries in the coming future as a result of the accident, and effectively obtained a settlement that would better help the victim deal with the fiscal fallout of the auto accident.

  • $330,000

    Verdict for auto accident resulting in a two-level cervical fusion

  • $300,000

    Steinger, Greene and Feiner recouped $300,000 for the victim of a reckless ATV accident. The plaintiff sustained injuries due to the defendant’s negligent operation of an All-Terrain Vehicle. The defendant crashed the ATV at approximately 40-50 miles per hour, resulting in life-threatening injuries to the plaintiff.

  • $2 MILLION

    Married father of two and a full-time chef, our client was rear-ended by a garbage truck. He sustained injuries to his neck and back as well as head injuries. Steinger, Greene & Feiner recovered $2 Million for our client.

  • $244,000

    Verdict for a rear-end collision for which the defense initially offered $25,000 to settle

  • $2.3 MILLION

    Verdict for a bicyclist who was injured when he was hit by a company vehicle

  • $2.2 MILLION

    37 year-old man involved in auto accident when the defendant switched lanes on I-95 into our client’s path and vehicle. After both beck and back injuries which resulted in surgery, the insurance company offered no money (zero, zilch, nothing!) After a lengthy trial, Steinger, Greene & Feiner was able to recover $2.2 Million for our client.