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Case Results

As plaintiff personal injury lawyers, we take pride in the work we do exclusively for individuals, not big business. We work tirelessly to achieve the greatest possible recoveries for each of our clients and their families, and best of all, our clients pay us nothing until we win for them.

Below is a list of just a few of the thousands of settlements and awards we have won on our clients’ behalf to date – amounts are before attorney fees and medical cost deductions. Attorney fees and medical costs are covered by the settlement or award won – this means if we don’t win a settlement or verdict for you, you pay us nothing. Naturally, every case and every client is unique, as are the results we obtain – clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results in each case.

  • $835,000

    Verdict for Auto Accident involving a collision with a Police Officer for the City of Delray Beach. The collision occurred on March 11, 2009 at the intersection of US1 and 10th Street, in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida.

  • $450,000

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner successfully obtained a $450,000 settlement for a client who was at a private residence doing handy work. As she was coming down a ladder to get off of the roof, the ladder malfunctioned, causing the client to fall straight back onto a concrete patio. The client was transported to the hospital and has since undergone treatment toward a full recovery. The client stated, “This is very good news after the shock and pain of the accident.”

  • $7.5 MILLION

    Steinger, Greene & Feiner was able to obtain a recovery of $7.5 Million for our client, a 45 year-old male bicyclist, who was hit by a driver who drifted off the roadway and into the bicycle lane. Our client sustained multiple fractures, various surgeries and ultimately amputation of his leg.

  • $723,700

    Settlement for slip and fall accident at shopping mall

  • $700,000

    $700,000 was awarded to the victim of a highway accident involving a vehicle with no lights. The plaintiff was represented by Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney Neil Anthony, who fought against pre-existing condition claims from the insurance company. While the client had a history of problems in the location of his injuries Mr. Anthony was able to prove, through expert comparison of MRIs and videotape of his client filmed prior to the collision, that his client suffered a significant change in cognitive ability as a direct result of the accident.

  • $6.5 MILLION

    Settlement for children at Head Start Center

    Our clients, three families with preschool-aged children, wanted to give their kids the best educational opportunities possible and enrolled them in a Head Start program. Unknown to the parents, the taxpayer-funded program did not perform background checks on its volunteers. Neither did a second taxpayer-funded organization, which enrolled a convicted sex offender as a “Foster Grandparent” and offered him a volunteer position at Head Start. All three children, ages 4, 4 and 5, became victims.

    Although the organization denied what had happened, detectives and independent investigators confirmed that the children had been molested and sexually abused. Families gave heartbreaking accounts of the way in which their children’s lives had been horribly and forever changed. Steinger, Greene & Feiner brought suit against all three parties responsible: the molester himself and the two negligent organizations that allowed him to work with small children. One of the organizations refused all responsibility and requested to stay the case, which the judge denied. Ultimately our firm achieved a settlement of $6.5 million for these families.

  • $610,000

    A $610,000 settlement was successfully obtained by a Steinger, Greene & Feiner attorney for his client who was injured in an auto accident. The victim was transported from the scene of the crash to a hospital to undergo spinal surgery. Initially the client’s insurance agency denied liability without any independent eyewitness accounts, however the victim’s attorney successfully demonstrated that the accident occurred as a result of the negligence of the other driver and thusly received an offer for settlement from the insurance agency. Ultimately, the insurance agency paid the settlement for the client’s injuries in the amount of $610,000.

  • $5.9 MILLION

    Verdict for auto accident resulting in nerve injuries.

  • $250,000

    HIT & RUN:
    $250,000 was awarded to the victim of an auto accident in a recent personal injury court settlement. The plaintiff was represented by Steinger Greene and Feiner attorney Dale A. Buckner. The plaintiff, a hospice nurse, was traveling southbound on the Florida Turnpike in the right hand lane when she was sideswiped by another vehicle. The plaintiff was able to record the vehicle tag number and reported the damage to her vehicle to Florida Highway Patrol. The case was settled out of court and the hit-and-run driver was cited for careless driving and failure to report a crash resulting in an injury.

  • $4.8 MILLION

    Alfred Bell  obtained a $4,775,000 settlement on behalf of an injured person by proving that the crash was the result of defendant’s decisions not to look into, let alone comply with, minimum federal safety regulations or Florida traffic safety laws.

    The crash occurred as the plaintiff was driving home on a rainy morning prior to dawn.  He struck and under rode a trailer that was left in the road in front of him.  The deck of the trailer hit the victim in the face.

    The trailer and the work-truck to which it was attached were stopped in the roadway because the work-truck operator rear-ended another vehicle that had stopped for a school bus.  Mr. Bell learned that the unlicensed passenger of the vehicle told the driver to move the truck and trailer out of the road, but the driver refused in violation of Florida law.  Instead, the driver decided to call his employer rather than police. At the same time, the passenger stood idly by instead of putting out the available emergency triangles.  Mr. Bell proved that there was more than enough time to prevent this crash by moving the vehicles out of the road or putting on available reflective vests and out reflective triangles.

    When the plaintiff approached the trailer, he was driving at or below the speed limit.  His airbags did deploy indicating that the impact was at least 12 mph.  However, the impact was not severe enough to push the truck and trailer.  So, he did brake and less than a second made the difference between an airbag and a trailer in the face.

    Investigations showed that the homemade trailer did not meet federal safety lighting and conspicuity standards.  It had only two of its five lights illuminated when it left the office but was required to have four more lights plus retro reflective tape.  In addition, it did not have any under-ride protection which would have stopped the plaintiff’s automobile before it went underneath the trailer.

    After recovering from his physical injuries, the plaintiff continues to have problems functioning in real world situations including the inability to act in socially appropriate ways with empathy or to plan for and appreciate the consequences of his actions. “It is obvious that our client will continue to battle the aftereffects of this accident for years to come and will need ongoing treatment. I am glad we were able to secure this settlement to help him put his life back in some semblance of order,” says firm founding partner Michael Steinger.

    Initially, the defendant’s insurance company denied any liability, claiming that the plaintiff should have seen the vehicle in the road and stopped to avoid the crash.  The defendant hired an engineer to say that the rear-end crash was avoidable by the plaintiff and since the company’s trailer was homemade, it did not have to comply with any federal safety regulations.  Plaintiff’s trucking expert who was also an instructor at two of the colleges where the engineer went for training, explained how the federal regulations applied and how they were violated.  A Visual Psychologist determined that given the conditions – pre-dawn hours, rainy conditions – and the in conspicuity of the trailer — unusually shaped and improperly lit, the plaintiff acted as a reasonable person would under the circumstances.

    Ignoring federal safety regulations and Florida law in “Operating inadequate equipment on our roadways is a danger to everyone, can cause irreparable damage, and cannot be tolerated,” says Steinger. He continues, “This case shows the importance of meeting and striving to exceed, minimum safety standards and the devastation that can occur when one fails to do so.”