An individual was drinking at The Eagles Lodge for 11 hours, left the bar and pulled into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist dragging him for 200 feet and left him for dead in the road. Okeechobee County sheriff’s office found the drunk driver at his house 2 hours later and upon inspection of his vehicle found our clients glove between the brake line and the frame of his truck. After a blood draw his BAC was a .221. Our client suffered multiple broken bones and a massive brain injury. The Eagles Lodge continued to serve the drunk driver for 11 continuous hours. Furthermore, The Eagles Lodge knew their member was a habitual alcoholic but continued to serve him drinks and leave on his own accord. On May 16th at 4:15pm, the jury handed down a verdict for our client and his wife of more than $11.1m, making this the largest verdict ever in Okeechobee County.