Where do Most Car Accidents Occur in Tampa?

Tampa is becoming quite the hotspot for tourists and residents in the past few years. With the population rising, the rise of Tampa car accidents follows closely behind. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that across Florida, the summer months have almost 30% more fatal car accidents than the winter months. In 2020, there were about 24,000 Tampa car accidents, with 184 of them resulting in fatalities*. But where in Tampa do most of the car accidents occur? Many intersections and highways are hot spots for car accidents in the surrounding Tampa area.

Most Dangerous Roadways Around Tampa

The official Tampa.gov website has a great tool to use to track active accidents and where they are located. This is something that you can check before heading out the door!

  • Interstate 4 is a popular highway taken by most traveling west to east. I-4 is notoriously known for its consistent road construction, which has been the cause of confusion and car accidents. I-4 is the main highway to take to popular destinations like Disney World if you are coming from the Tampa area.
  • Brandon Boulevard is a hot spot for Tampa car accidents at the intersection of Dover Road.
  • Gibsonton Drive is the most dangerous roadway for motorcycle accidents.
  • Fletcher Avenue is the most dangerous roadway for pedestrian-related car accidents.
  • US 19 is the most dangerous roadway for intersection-related car accidents.

Top 5 Most Car Accident-Prone Intersections

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, in 2019, these five intersections alone caused over 3,000 car accidents, with 54 severe car accidents and seven fatal car accidents.

  1. US 19 at Gulf to Bay Blvd in Clearwater had 660 crashes, with 13 severe car accidents.
  2. US 19 at Tampa Rd in Palm Harbor had 642 crashes, with 13 severe car accidents and two fatal accidents.
  3. US 19 at Curlew Rd in Palm Harbor had 613 crashes with 13 severe car accidents and two fatal accidents.
  4. US 19 at Drew St. in Clearwater had 591 collisions with eight severe car accidents.
  5. SR 60 at South Belcher Rd in Clearwater had 542 crashes, with seven severe car accidents and three fatal accidents.

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How to Avoid Car Accidents in Tampa

Firstly, t’s important to remember to drive defensively instead of aggressively when driving around the Tampa area. With all the tourists during the summer months, the lack of area knowledge causes a majority of car accidents. Things like failing to yield to the right of way and failing to obey any ‘no turn on red’ signs vary from street to street. It is essential to watch out for any out-of-town drivers who might not know the correct road rules. If you happen to be an out-of-town visitor, make sure you diligently read the road signs to follow the proper traffic flow. Avoiding the left lanes or ‘fast lanes’ if you are new to the Tampa area is an excellent way to prevent car accidents. If you are unsure of where you are going or what exit you will be taking, you will find yourself going a bit slower. If you are in the fast lane, you have more of a chance to be involved in a car accident due to car speed differences.

Moreover, driving defensively also means taking a brief second to press the gas when the light turns green. Doing this will help avoid the potential t-bone car accident if a negligent driver decides to run a red light. This applies to drivers who are the second, third or sixth car in line waiting for the light to turn green. You don’t want to let off the brake until the vehicle in front of you is moving; this will help you avoid rear-ending the car in front of you.

Avoid driving at night as much as possible as they are more likely to lead to fatal car accidents than daytime car accidents. Drowsiness and alcohol consumption are the culprits of many car accidents that occur at night. If not fully awake, highway truck drivers driving through the night can veer into other lanes and cause severe car accidents. In the downtown areas of Tampa and St. Petersburg, the number of bars, clubs, and beachside restaurants open late feeds into the number of potential drunk drivers on the road late at night.

If you are injured in a car accident in Tampa, reach out to our team of experienced Tampa car accident lawyers. We will review the details of your Tampa car accident and advise you of the options available to you.



* https://www.flhsmv.gov/traffic-crash-reports/crash-dashboard/

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