What to Do If You Are Injured at a Work Event

Well, getting injured at a work event is the last thing anyone hopes for. You go to an event thinking that you’re going to have a great time. You dress well, enjoy some food and drinks, and make sure that you make the most of your experience. But just when you least expect it, you get injured and you don’t know exactly what to do.

You are in a sticky situation and you likely have a few legal questions about the injury you got at a work event. Not all cases are the same, and we highly recommend contacting a worker’s compensation lawyer as soon as possible. That being said, if you are injured at a work event, there are a few things you should know and a few timelines to follow.

Here are some tips:

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1: Get Yourself Treated

hospitalWhether it’s a minor or serious injury, you have to prioritize medical treatment. Seeking the consultation of a doctor or other medical professional should be the first thing on your list, following an accident where you are injured at a work event.

If the injury you sustained was severe enough to cause physical trauma, require medical treatment, and ultimately affects your personal and professional life in some way, you should ensure that you keep every document from those doctor’s visits to give to your lawyer.

Make sure that you keep all your medical records and have the attending physician give you a medical certificate putting in detail your injuries and their severity. It’s also very important to keep the bills of all your expenses including medical care, emergency treatment, and medication, as these documents will be useful if you decide to file a claim later on.

If you’re injured at a work event and the injury was very minor, almost negligible, you will likely collaborate with your company’s worker’s compensation insurance representatives to ensure that all your medical bills and any time off are covered.

2: Gather Evidence

magnifying glassYou will need as much evidence as possible to back your worker’s compensation claim if you choose to file a complaint about your injuries. Therefore, it’s very important to gather as much evidence as you can of the scene and of your injuries. (as we mentioned in the first section, keep all your medical correspondence).

Here are some tips for gathering evidence to support a worker’s compensation claim:

  • Keep all your medical records.
  • Ask doctors to put as much in writing as possible.
  • Speak with coworkers and witnesses about the incident. Get their contact info.
  • Get as much as you can in writing.
  • Take pictures of the areas, and of your injuries.
  • Be sure to keep your boss and company well informed. Do not keep them in the dark.

Keep all the evidence you can together and be sure to show your personal injury lawyer all the evidence you have collected.

3: Determine The Liable Party

gearBefore you file a personal injury complaint, you need to know who the liable party is. After all, you were injured at a work event, but who is liable for that injury?

If you’re at a corporate event, for instance, that’s sponsored by your company, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation since you are technically injured on the job. This will allow you to get faster access to medical and financial assistance for your injuries.

If you’re at a sporting event or a party that is work-related, you can settle your claim with the property owner or host of the party. Understanding the difference is important. Seek the counsel of an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer who can help you make the right moves with your insurance claim.

4: File Your Claim

checklistDo not be afraid to file your worker’s comp claim, you are protected by the law. File a claim as soon as possible. There is a time limitation set by each state, that requires employees to file a worker’s compensation claim very soon after being injured at a work event. The claim must be filed and your boss and company have to be notified soon.

Make sure to take the right steps in doing so and cite all the reasons that you’re seeking for a claim including your lost hours from work due to healing and recovery, your emotional struggles, and any temporary or permanent disability due to your injury.

Never settle with insurance companies and make sure to hire an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer who can help you get the compensation that you deserve. You can also calculate how much your worker’s comp claim is worth.

Although it is unfortunate to get injured during an event, taking the right steps will allow you to not only get the best treatment for your injuries but also enjoy the right compensation for all the hassles you’ve been through.

If you have been injured in a workplace event, you can speak with a worker’s compensation professional right now (800) 560-5059. If your worker’s comp claim was denied, speak with a legal professional as soon as possible.


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