What Causes Summer Car Accidents?

With summertime approaching, summer traffic is on the rise. During this time of year, summer car accidents are more prone to happen. Not only are there extra drivers because of vacationers, but there are also more pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. There are many causes of car crashes during the summer season and we have explicitly outlined those causes.

More Traffic on the Road & Summer Car Accidents

Teen drivers are more prone to cause accidents during the summertime as their driving routes vary from just going to school, a job, and then home. Teen drivers are often likely to take part in distracted driving activities like texting while driving or playing loud music. It is important to remind teen drivers to practice safe driving, especially when driving with multiple passengers in their vehicles.

Vacationers tend to be involved in car accidents in a place they are not familiar with the roads. If you are taking a road trip to avoid planes during the summer, it is important to educate yourself before the long drive. You can avoid drowsy driving by alternating drivers or spacing out the driver in shorter hour increments.

Also, remember that other drivers can be drowsy while driving. Truck drivers making long drives can be drowsy, so be looking out for veering vehicles.

According to Statista, in 2019 the most alcohol-impaired car crashes in the United States took place between May and September. In May 8.8% of summer car accidents were fatal, in June it was 9.1%, July 9.4%, August 9.1%, and September 9.5%; this time includes the 100 deadliest days for drunk driving accidents.

During these summer months, drunk driving is at its peak and it is important to be careful on the roads. If you are drinking, it is essential to use a designated driver to get home safely or use a ride share service. Drunk driving not only affects you and your passengers but also all other drivers on the road.

Apart from having more vehicles on the road, there are more pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycles. During the nice weather, many people enjoy walking around downtown areas and cycling on the road. Keep an eye out for these types of travelers on the road as they are at a higher risk to be fatally injured in a summer car accident.

Motorcyclists have more interaction with other vehicles. Especially in high traffic congestion, it can be easy to fall victim to road rage and change lanes quickly. Always check multiple times before switching lanes.

causes of summer car accidents

Construction in the Summer

The summertime is the best time for road construction to take place. There is less weather intervention to lengthen the construction schedule. However, construction can get in the way of drivers on the road. Lane closures and detours are bound to help during this time, it is important to follow road rules for these instances to avoid a summer car accident. Also, be aware of the construction workers, it is a rule of the road to slow down during areas of road construction.

Your Motor Vehicle and Excessive Heat

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided some summer driving tips for 2021 and this list includes a vehicle safety checklist. Before getting on the road to drive, you should check:

  • Battery
  • Lights
  • Cooling system
  • Fluid level
  • Belts and hoses
  • Wiper blades
  • Air conditioning

To avoid your car overheating, check your vehicle coolant levels and make sure there are no leaks. At the same time, you can check fluid levels for your car’s brakes and power steering. These two things will affect the way your car drives. Because of the excessive heat in the summertime, it can affect drivers or passengers who are sensitive to heat.

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