West Palm Beach Man Stages Car Accidents

A man from West Palm Beach was arrested on July 26, charged with committing insurance fraud in an amount that totaled over $20,000. The man falsely claimed that he had incurred injuries from two separate car crashes. It was found that those crashes were staged.

According to reports, the man was a passenger in a vehicle in May of 2016. A car sideswiped the one he was a passenger in. The man sought chiropractic care as a result of that accident. The man visited the clinic more than 30 times over the period of close to two months. The man told police the crash was purposeful and that he was offered $1,000 to take part.

In July 2016, the man was involved in another accident. In that incident, the man and another driver both claimed that the other had run stop signs. The man sought chiropractic care again and visited his doctor six times. The man again placed the blame on the other party.

False accidents such as these are not only fraud in the eyes of the law, but they take important time away from police officers who need to spend their time investigating real crimes and incidents. The man in this case is expected in court at the end of August.

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