West Palm Beach Authorities Report Man Injured in Boating Accident

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA – An afternoon on the boat should be enjoyable. The sea breeze in your hair, the mist of breaking waves hitting your face. Unfortunately for a man and a woman, their trip was anything but enjoyable.

The man was in the hospital Saturday afternoon following a serious boating accident in Lake Worth Lagoon. The man and his friend were traveling in the lagoon on a small boat. The pair were tossed overboard when the boat ran into shallow water. The woman was able to swim to a nearby dock. Instead of following her, the man chose to swim back to the still-running boat. The man’s legs were caught in the propeller, causing severe injuries.

The man was able to free himself from the propeller and swam to the dock. Along the way, the man lost a fair amount of blood from his injuries. He was met at the dock by fire-rescue personnel who transported him to the hospital for emergency surgery. The man’s current condition is unknown.

Should you be thrown from a boat that is still running, experts suggest swimming away from it, as the woman did, rather than towards it. This story shows the reason for the suggestion. Although the man assumingly had intentions of regaining control of his vessel, he ended up with injuries that could have taken his life.

If you plan to be operating or riding on a boat, a boating safety course is a smart idea. These courses can be found throughout the local area for anyone who is interested.

If you have been injured in a boating accident, contact our offices at your convenience. Our West Palm Beach boating accident attorneys are here to help you. Call for your free initial consultation and allow us to review the facts of your case. We want to assist you today.

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