Violent Crash in Miami Changes Life of Teen

A crash early on November 22, just the day before Thanksgiving, has forever changed the life of one teenager, and has claimed the life of another. The driver who passed away was only 14 years old and not licensed to drive.

According to reports, the crash was so violent that a surgeon had to partially amputate the arm of one of the passengers so that he could be removed from the vehicle. That passenger was also a teenager. A third teen in the vehicle was in the backseat and escaped without injury.

Officers say that the car the teens were in was not reported stolen, but was registered to someone not believed to be connected to the boys. The driver of the car lost control due to high speeds and slammed into a guardrail on the Airport Expressway in Miami. The force of the collision threw the car across the road and into the opposite guardrail.

A father of one of the teenagers said that his son and the driver were best friends. He said that the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, though that has not been confirmed by police. Alcohol tests on the driver are pending.

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