Top Recalls to Be Aware of For August 2018

10 recalled products to be aware of in august

Recalls are released on a very regular basis. No consumer should have to be fearful that a product they purchase for themselves, family or friends will ultimately cause harm during its intended use.

Unfortunately, there are issues that can arise during the design or manufacturing process that can cause a product to malfunction in the hands of the consumer. The following are the top recalls to be aware of for August.

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1. BMC Bicycle

Riding a bicycle can be a harrowing experience for some, even if the bike is working appropriately. If you have a BMC bike, you are at an additional risk of falling. There were about 430 bikes sold in the United States that the company is recalling. These bikes may have varying tire dimensions, ride load, tire pressure and head set.

All of these things can cause an insufficient amount of space between the downtube and front wheel. If you have one of these bikes, email [email protected] for information about an inspection and replacement parts if needed.

2. Miller Fireworks

There were about 3,800 units of these fireworks sold in the country. The fireworks may be overloaded with pyrotechnics that result in an audible effect. This overloading violates federal safety standards. Because they are overloaded, they may cause a larger explosion than the consumer expects, putting themselves and others at risk.

The manufacturer is asking that the fireworks be returned to their place of purchase for a full refund. Email [email protected] to see if your fireworks are part of the recall.

3. Thermal Printer Power Supply Units

These thermal printer power supply units manufactured by Zebra Technologies are being recalled due to degradation and corrosion. There were more than a million units sold across the country.

Zebra is offering a free replacement for consumers. You can email [email protected] or call (800) 658-3785 for more information.

4. Salmonella in Food

Salmonella has been reported in a wide variety of foods in the past couple of months, from snack cakes to raw meat. Whatever food you believe you got sick from, you’ll need to contact that manufacturer.

Your best bet is to keep up to date on all outbreaks and get more information on individual foods on the CDC’s website.

5. Pressure Cooker

Many people have turned to Instapots for their pressure cooking needs, but some are still using stovetop pressure cooker models. About 700 of these cookers were sold in the United States and they may discharge steams at pressures that are too low. The consumer may not be expecting this and could suffer burns as a result.

If you have a Nutrex Pressure Cooker, stop using it and contact [email protected] for more information on obtaining a repair for your unit.

6. Electric Bike Motor Controllers

If you have a Hill Topper Electric Bike Motor manufactured by Clean Republic, you need to stop using it. According to the company, the motor controller can let water in which may cause the motor to accelerate by itself. This poses the risk of crash and injury.

The company is offering a replacement motor controller circuit board at no cost. Email [email protected] for more information about the recall.

7. Outdoor Recliner Chairs

There’s nothing like relaxing outside for some people and they may purchase chairs in which they can do just that. If you have one of the approximately 23,000 chairs made by NEMO Equipment, you could be part of this recall.

The Stargaze Recliner Chair has plastic joint supports that may break and cause the legs to fail. This poses the risk of fall and injury. If you purchased one of these popular chairs, email [email protected] for more information on obtaining a replacement chair.

8. Utility Vehicles

Polaris has issued a recall of its Gravely Utility Vehicles. If you purchased one, the company is suggesting that you stop using it. The exhaust’s header pipe can crack, which poses a burn hazard to the operator and others.

Your Gravely dealer will repair your vehicle for free. The company is contacting anyone known to have purchased a vehicle directly. You can call (877) 740-7060 to find out if your vehicle is part of the recall.

9. Blending Containers

Vitamix blending containers are popular among consumers. They are great for mixing protein and other types of shakes, but these may pose a laceration hazard. About 105,000 units were sold and are being recalled. The containers may separate from their base, exposing the blades.

Only the Ascent and Ventura Series of containers are involved in the recall. Call (888) 847-8842 for a free repair kit.

10. Handgun Safes

People use handgun safes to keep their families safe. Some sold by Harbor Freight may not do that. About 25,000 of these safes were sold across the country and may open upon impact. This will allow anyone to access the contents of the safe. If you have a handgun safe sold by Harbor Freight Tools, email [email protected] for more information about obtaining a full refund.

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