Toddlers Found in Family Swimming Pool

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla – Pool safety is something that most people in Florida understand. Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions we take, accidents can still happen. Locks on doors fail, young children figure out how to open doors, or gates don’t latch. Any number of things can go wrong. Jarred Canavan realized this on Thanksgiving morning.

According to reports, Canavan attended breakfast and a meeting on Thanksgiving morning. He returned home to find his twin sons floating in the family’s swimming pool. The children’s mother was awoken from her sleep by the man’s screams. The boys were just a year old.

Reports say that when Canavan returned home, he noticed the slider door open. He also saw that the kitchen was in disarray and he assumed the boys had been in the room. Canavan did not find the boys in their crib and went outside. It was then that he discovered the boys in the pool.

One of the twins was taken to the hospital and passed away 12 hours later. The second toddler remains on life support at Palms West Hospital. The parents told investigators that the boys had never successfully gotten out of their crib, that the gate was shut as was the door leading to the outside.

Police have not filed any charges in the case as of yet. It is not known if the incident will be considered criminal in nature.

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