Tips To Drive Safely When It Is Raining

The ability to drive safely when it’s raining is invaluable. Many lives have been saved by drivers who know how to drive carefully in the rain. According to reports, about 5,700 people are killed and more than 418,000 are injured in weather-related crashes every year.

Whether it is a light sprinkle or a heavy shower, driving in the rain can be one of the trickiest situations that drivers face on the road, and ultimately, rain leads to more accidents. Rainy weather is one of the major contributors to car accidents which is why it is crucial to follow certain tips to ensure you reach your destination safe and sound. Knowing how to tackle wet roads with very little visibility will eventually come in handy and help you avoid any unfortunate accidents or injuries on the road.

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Who better to provide some of the much-needed top tips that will aid you in driving safely in the rain and help you reach your destination safely than car accident lawyers?

Postpone Your Trip If Possible

Do you have a big trip planned and it’s raining or storming? Well, if you have not embarked on your journey yet, it may be a good idea to wait for the weather to settle down a bit. If time is not an issue and you are not too confident about driving in the rain, you should postpone your trip, even just for a few hours or until the following day. There is no need to put yourself in unnecessary danger just to make good time. These days, most trips can be rescheduled easily with just your smartphone.

Headlights Must Always Be On & Hazards Off

This step is important! It’s easy to forget to turn on your lights if you drive into a rainstorm, so be cognizant of rain and your headlights. You must always turn your headlights on whenever you are driving in the rain. Even if it is a drizzle, it is always a good idea to turn them on; such other incoming cars can also spot you with ease. Usually, vehicles can easily blend into the fog, clouds, and rain, so turning the headlights on makes them visible to oncoming traffic.

Also, remember to keep your hazards off during a rainstorm. Your vehicle hazard lights should only be used when the car is stopped. Using your hazards while driving can confused other drivers so be sure to leave them off unless you are stopped.

Reduce Your Speed

This is one of the most important tips for driving in the rain. You must always stick to the speed limit when driving during rainy conditions; moreover, it is better to go slower than you usually do. Wet roads are extremely dangerous, and you can easily lose control of your car if you are driving too fast. Be sure to reduce your speed when it begins to rain. The most dangerous time on the road is right after the rain begins to falls. Remember, it is better to be late than never.

Turn The Wipers On

You may be surprised to know that drivers tend to forget to turn their windshield wipers on during a light shower or drizzle. It happens too often. Several windshield wipers have an adjustable speed that can help clear moisture during a drizzle or a heavy shower. Using windshield wipers will give you more clarity of other cars on the road. Be sure to maintain your windscreen wipers as often as possible.

Keep An Eye Out For Standing Water

Heavy rain usually leads to a pool of standing water which can make your car hydroplane, making you lose control of your car. If you do happen to slide on water, do not slam the brakes immediately. Press the breaks calmly and slowly while keeping a steady hand on the steering wheel.

Refrain from making a sudden turn, and once you gain control of the car, take a few moments to relax and calm yourself.

Double Check Your Car Before Driving

Before you start your journey, make sure you inspect your car’s equipment. Check the taillights, headlights, and windshield wipers to ensure they will work efficiently during the rain. It is also a good idea to check your car’s tires as well. Make it a habit to do a look around your car when getting in and out, before and after traveling. The number of car accidents that could be avoided by this step alone is staggering.

Keep A Distance From Other Cars

Driving in the rain requires your complete attention. Always remember to keep a considerable distance from cars ahead of you when driving in rainy conditions. If the car in front of you slams the brakes, chances are you might run into them. You can easily avoid this unfortunate situation by maintaining a safe distance and being aware of other cars around you.

Along with the above, you must also be aware of the cars behind you. You must never slam the breaks; if you do need to stop, apply your brakes slowly and calmly. This will prevent the car behind you from running into you.

Keep Your Car Ventilated

During rain, the humidity level rises, leading your car’s windows to become foggy, which ultimately reduces your visibility. Many cars have a ventilation system that includes a function that works on reducing the fog on the windshield and windows but not all. If you have zero visibility, you should pull over and wait for things to settle down.

Contact A Car Accident Attorney In Case Of An Accident During The Rain

Now you know how to drive in the rain. Keeping yourself safe when driving during the rain is easy if you remain vigilant and follow the tips mentioned above. In case of a car accident due to rain, you can contact a car accident and personal injury attorney who will help you throughout your legal process.

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