Which is More Dangerous? Texting and Driving vs. Drinking and Driving

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It’s common sense that driving requires all your attention but still, the ratio of car accidents due to carelessness is increasing day by day. If you look at global statistics of drunk driving accidents, the data shows 58% of car accident fatalities happen due to alcohol. On the other hand,  1 600,000 accidents per year occur due to texting and driving globally as per National Safety Council.

Car accidents not just injure you physically but also indulge you in legal pursuits. There can be many other reasons behind road accidents as well, such as;

  • Paying attention to the GPS
  • Setting up playlist
  • Controlling the temperature
  • Applying makeup
  • Concentrating on children and pets

However, among all these reasons, the leading ones are drunk driving and texting and driving. The majority of times, accidents caused due to these reasons result in serious injuries or death itself. Statistically speaking, 10,497 people died in drunk driving crashes, accounting for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the United States in 2016. On the flip side, according to The National Safety Council report, around 390,000 injuries take place every year from accidents caused by texting while driving.

So, which one is more dangerous? Is it texting and driving or drunk driving? The answer is very simple and straight; both are equally dangerous and have numerous adverse consequences.

Here are some of the consequences that you as a driver should be aware of.

Consequences Of Texting And Driving & Drunk Driving

You must know the harsh consequences of texting while driving and drunk driving if you or your loved one comes across such an unfortunate situation. The following information will also help you drive more carefully to avoid these difficult situations;

Criminal Charges

It is to be noted that texting and driving, in other words, distracted driving, has been banned in many states of the US. Anyone, who gets caught involved in distracted driving (such as using a cellphone), will suffer significant penalties. Individuals who get involved in severe accidents due to distracted driving can be charged with a misdemeanor or even a crime, depending on the gravity of the accident.

As for drunk driving, it depends on the laws of the state that you are in; a drunk driver can receive fines starting at $1000, a DUI, and even prison time. It gets even worse if someone is injured or killed in an accident.

Higher Insurance Payments

Another critical and worrisome problem you may face after being caught in a distracted driving case or drunk driving is earning multiple fines from traffic citations.  This can seriously tarnish someone’s driving history and lead to higher insurance payments as well.

Loss of Driving Rights/Cancelation of Driving License

Contingent on the severity of the accident, you may also experience the loss of your driving rights. It is obvious for those drivers who gather too many points on their driving record. This leads to a suspension of their driver’s license or even results in revocation.

In addition to this, detention in jail and alcohol abuse evaluation are also among the consequences of drunk driving.

Injuries and Medical Expenses

Careless driving may lead you to suffer a range of injuries, from a blow to more serious spinal cord and brain injuries. Specialized treatment for these injuries will be required that will mount up your medical bills and certainly upset you financially. Therefore, it is better to avoid all forms of careless driving, whether texting or drunk driving.

What Kills More? Texting And Driving Or Drunk Driving?

Statistically speaking, the use of cell phones contributes immensely to car crashes per year.  According to estimates, 25% of accidents are caused by texting and driving, with texting being 6 times more likely to result in an accident than drunk driving. You can sue someone for texting and driving.

However, both forms of careless driving cause severe financial losses, criminal charges, and above all, injuries and fatalities. Therefore, both kills and must be avoided to safeguard yourself and others while driving. Distracted driving kills far too many people every year and it texting while driving is the most common form of distracted driving in America.

Secure Yourself Legally

If you ever face a difficult situation like drunk driving or texting and driving and are in need of legal help, feel free to contact us for a personal injury attorney or car accident attorney as we have the best team to deal with all kinds of legal services you need.

Correct legal advice can save you from different legal penalties and charges and provide compensation where needed.

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