Texas Texting and Driving Accidents

Texas has seen an increase in car accidents caused by distracted driving habits. Texting and driving accidents are the most common. Just in 2021, there were over 3,000 car accidents caused by distracted drivers and a major of them were because a driver was on their phone. If you are a victim of a texting and driving accident, you are entitled to compensation for all the damages you have suffered.

Distracted Driving Accidents and Texas Law

What exactly is distracted driving? It is when a driver takes part in an activity that makes them lose focus on the road. Whether the activity is eating, turning your head to look at someone or something, or grabbing your phone to send a text or accept a phone call, they all take the driver’s eyes off the road. Many vehicles have Bluetooth capabilities to avoid cellphones while driving but the distraction is still the same.

The Texas Department of Insurance has listed a couple of tips on how to avoid getting distracted while driving:

  1. Turn off the phone or put it in do not disturb mode
    • You should also be putting the phone someplace out of reach.
  2. Call or text while stopped
    • If you must call or text, it is safer to be stopped or pulled over.
  3. Take familiar routes
    • Try to avoid using a GPS or a phone that doesn’t have speech when driving to your location.
  4. Pull over if you are fatigued
  5. Limit the number of passengers
  6. Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking while driving
  7. Be aware of the surroundings
    • Always be scanning your area while you drive to be aware of how other drivers are driving.
  8. Keep a safe distance

texas texting and driving accidents

The Texas Department of Transportation has implemented a Talk. Text. Crash. campaign that is meant to bring awareness to the dangers of using a cell phone while driving in Texas. Since September 2017, banning texting (reading, writing, and sending) in Texas while driving is now considered illegal and violators will be fined $200. Drivers should not only stop using their phones for text messages but they should also not use social media while driving. It is very important for drivers to have their full awareness while driving on Texas roads.

Victims of Texting and Driving Accidents

Victims of texting and driving accidents should seek legal advice from our Texas car accident lawyers. If you believe the person who caused the motor vehicle accident was texting and driving, you need to be able to prove their negligence. The injuries and damages sustained from a distracted driving accident can be more severe than in other accidents. Distracted drivers can be speeding and running red lights or stop signs when they are distracted by their cell phones. Looking away from the road going over 50 miles an hour to check or send a text, the driver can travel the length of a football field in just five seconds.

Distracted drivers are considered reckless drivers too. Seeking compensation from the at-fault driver will be easy when you have an attorney to assist you and fight for your settlement. Right after experiencing a texting and driving accident, you should call 911 for assistance with a police report and for medical attention. If the accident occurred at a traffic light intersection, check for red-light cameras. This footage can help you prove the negligence of the other driver.

With our Texas car accident attorneys helping you through your case, you will be able to collect compensation for more than just injuries and property damages. Victims will be able to claim pain and suffering, lost wages, depression, PTSD, or claim a settlement if there was a wrongful death that happened because of this accident.

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