Steinger, Greene & Feiner Supports Kid Finders Network to Prevent and Increase Recovery Rate of Missing Children

Kid-Finders-Network-SIGNSouth Florida law firm Steinger Greene & Feiner steps in and steps up to support KID FINDERS NETWORK, one Palm Beach county couple’s labor of love to PREVENT and directly INCREASE the Rate of Recovery of missing and abducted children, in Florida and throughout the US! This weekend, at “A Day for Kids” at the South Florida Fairgrounds, KID FINDERS NETWORK, with the support of Steinger, Greene and Feiner P.A., will engage their 2-year old mission to the fullest, providing CHILD FINGER-PRINTING, PHOTOS, and PHYSICAL Description Profiles completely FREE to ANY and EVERY family in attendance.

Each child’s personal profile will be printed on ID cards both for parents’ home records, as well as a laminated business card-sized copy for their wallet. By offering these Child Profiles FREE to as many families as will accept them, KID FINDERS NETWORK and Steinger, Greene & Feiner want to provide Palm Beach county families the peace of mind of being prepared for anything, even the worst of situations.

Sherri and Dennis Milsted, founders of KID FINDERS NETWORK knew they wanted to give back; they knew they wanted to do something for children. What kind of volunteering or contribution they would give they did not know yet . . . until one day, one little boy changed everything, and they knew. For the past two years Sherri and Dennis Milsted have committed their time, ingenuity, professional ability, personal resources, and hearts toward PREVENTING and INCREASING the Rate of Recovery of missing children in the United States!

KID FINDERS NETWORK embodies a vision, a mission, and a fighting heart to protect children and the families who love them. Steinger, Greene and Feiner believes in their mission, shares in their heart for the hurting, and is proud to be able to provide such an invaluable resource to the South Florida community through Kid Finders Network booth at this years “A Day for Kids” at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

April 25-26, 2008