Should I Accept a Low Insurance Settlement Because of COVID?

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We don’t believe that you should accept a low insurance settlement because of COVID. But of course, there are some instances, some specific details, and some certain cases that may change your settlement amount. The key to ensuring you get the settlement check you deserve is to understand the process and to work with experienced personal injury lawyers.

The thing is, the world changed right before our eyes. Within just a few months, COVID-19 has already taken away the lives of more than a million people and it continues to ravage all over the world affecting both the young and old.

But more than the obvious effects of this pandemic, it may have also disrupted just about every aspect of human life including the way we deal with accidents and personal injury.

It is VITAL that you find an experienced, aggressive attorney who will fight for you no matter what else is going on in the world. Personal injuries are as life-changing and permanent as the pandemic around us, and they deserve to be heard and understand.

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COVID Should Not Affect Your Settlement

You should not have to accept a low insurance settlement because of COVID. In a time when something as simple as stepping out of the house is already challenging, dealing with a personal injury lawsuit may be a lot more stressful. Everything seems to be taking longer than expected. Medical treatments, working from home and finding time to speak with insurance companies and lawyers.

You may be worried that you would need to wait for a very long time to receive compensation for your injuries due to the outbreak and that’s a valid concern.

You may be tempted to just settle for a lower insurance claim just so you can speed up your compensation. But this is when you would need the help of an experienced lawyer who can help you get the compensation that you deserve even in these complex situations.

Personal injury lawyers are running at the same speed they have and COVID has not slowed down any process. Even at our own firm, Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we are accepting more cases than we have in the past and fighting for more people who have suffered personal injuries.

The Factors That May Affect Settlement

Delays aren’t your only problem when filing a personal injury claim during the coronavirus pandemic. Your settlement may also be affected by:

Medical treatment delays 

Since most healthcare facilities now are focused on treating COVID-19 patients, you may experience delays or difficulties in getting yourself treated for your injuries. Although you cannot control these circumstances, you can follow through on all the recommendations of your doctor and show up at appointments promptly.

Financial challenges for both parties

COVID-19 has stripped away the financial freedom of a lot of Americans, which is why it’s not uncommon for some victims to accept a low insurance settlement just because they need the money right away.

Defendants, on the other hand, may have a hard time raising the funds needed to settle a claim due to financial difficulties brought about by the pandemic. This is why it’s very important to talk to a lawyer who can help you reach a settlement that will benefit both parties, especially during these hard times.

Insurance claim delays

The sad truth is: a lot of insurance companies are taking advantage of the situation by delaying injury claims even if they can be processed on time.

They will then blame it on court delays and rip off money from victims who are forced to say yes to low settlement claims just so they can get it over and done with. But if you work with a good lawyer, you will know what to do to avoid being a victim of these delays.

Why You Should NOT Take a Low Insurance Settlement Amount

Insurance companies may use the pandemic and your struggling financial situation as a bargaining chip, a strategy to offer lower personal settlement checks to those affected by life-changing injuries.

Right now, you will likely feel pressured to take a lower settlement because you think you don’t have the time nor the current financial means to wait for a settlement. But this is just not true.

You may have far more control and power over your settlement than you believe. Steinger, Greene & Feiner offers a No-Fee Guarantee™

COVID-19 may still be wreaking havoc around the world, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting the compensation that you deserve. Never settle for a lower settlement because, with a good lawyer, you can always get the most positive results even in the direst circumstances.

Speak with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, a Tampa personal injury lawyer, or a West Plam Beach personal injury lawyer as soon as you can!

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