Safe Ways to Get Home After a Night of Drinking in College

Safe Ways to Get Home After a Night of Drinking in College


  • There are approximately 4.45 DUI arrests per 1,000 drivers in Florida.
  • Nationally, 1.9 percent of the population reports driving after drinking too much. In Florida, that percentage climbs to 2.1.


You’re off to start a new adventure away from home. College campuses around the country are opening and students are moving into their dorms and apartments. But there are risks involved with this newfound independence.

As Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers, we represent victims of impaired driving accidents every day, even though we wish we didn’t have to. We have seen the devastation that drunk driving can cause. As you go off to start this new chapter of your life, we would like to offer you alternatives to driving while intoxicated in Miami.

Before we discuss safer ways for you to get home after a night out, let’s look at some statistics and facts from the CDC regarding drunk driving in Florida.

  • Between 2003 and 2012, there were 8,476 people killed in collisions that involved at least one drunk driver. These people were parents, grandparents, children, friends and other loved ones. Not only did their lives end, but the lives of everyone who knew them were negatively impacted.
  • The age group most at risk for dying in a drunk driving related crash is those between 21 and 34. Those least likely to die in such a crash were between the ages of 0 and 20.
  • The national average for men killed in DUI-related crashes in 2012 was 5.2. The average in Florida was 5.7. The average in Florida for women was also higher than the national average at 1.7 versus 1.5.

According to the CDC, there are strategies that work to prevent drunk driving. These include:

  1. Zero tolerance laws
  2. Sobriety checkpoints
  3. Ignition interlocks
  4. Mass media campaigns
  5. School-based instructional programs

These are just five examples of what the agency says works when it comes to reducing the number of drunk and impaired drivers on the road.

How to Get Home After a Night of Drinking

4 Ways to Avoid Driving Drunk in College infographic

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Now that you know what the numbers look like, it’s time to talk about how you can get home. We would like to say, first, that walking is always an option, but it is not the safest choice. Walking through a college campus at night is rarely a good idea. It will certainly save you from earning a DUI and potentially altering your life or someone else’s, but it puts you at risk for other dangers. It will not be included in this list.

1. Ride Sharing

If Uber or Lyft are available on or near your campus, they are both excellent choices for getting home. When you live in a city like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you may have to be prepared to wait a bit longer for your ride, especially on the weekends, but the wait shouldn’t dissuade you.

Both of these apps provide you an excellent way to get home safely. Remember, though, that if you drove to the bar or club, you’ll have to figure out how to go get your car the next morning.

2. Public Transportation

Public transportation is another great option and available on most college campuses and major urban centers. Be mindful, however, if you do decide to go the public route, then you’ll need to keep your wits about you and your manners sharp.

Get too loud or rowdy and you will be asked to exit the vehicle, and could find yourself sleeping it off behind bars.

3. Friends or Family Members

This one takes a bit of pre-planning, but you can always rely on a friend or family member to get you home. You may want to choose a member of your group to act as a designated driver and remain sober.

Alternatively, you may want to ask a friend or family member not going with you to pick you up either at a specific time or when you call and say you’re ready. Don’t be afraid to ask. Your friends and family would much rather experience a slight inconvenience than receive a phone call in the middle of the night from the police or hospital.

4. Host Your Own Party

It’s not a way to get home, but a way to avoid drunk driving. You can host the party in your dorm room (if permissible) or at your apartment. One word of warning though: While you will be home, others will have to get home. You may want to take keys from your friends and invite anyone who is drinking to grab a pillow and spend the night.

College students like to have a good time. While most of these nights end just as safely as they began, some end in tragedy. Use the tips above to ensure that you get home in one piece.

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