Miami Heat Legend Ray Allen Is Grateful for Helmet After Bicycle Accident

MIAMI, Fla. – NBA legend and Miami Heat star, Ray Allen posted an image to Instagram yesterday that many bicycle owners can relate to these days. It concerns a bicycle accident he had yesterday and praise for his helmet, without which he may have suffered many more injuries.

“My Helmet saved me from a far worse fate.”

The image was accompanied by this caption. A quote directly from Allen himself:


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“Yesterday as I approached the end of my bike ride, I was cruising through my neighborhood and a car pulled up slowly behind me. I sped up to get out of the way. As I looked back behind me, the car was gone, but, the minute I turned my head back to what was in front of me, it was too late. I ran over a tree branch that was in the road and my front wheel went haywire and threw me from the bike. I landed on my face, shoulder and hip. 😩 I walked about 100 yards back to my house in shock. When I got into the house I lost my breath and almost passed out. My wife immediately took me to the hospital to make sure that I didn’t have any internal bleeding. Had my vitals checked and a few X-rays taken and all was ok. Thank God I had my helmet on because as you can see in the picture my head hit the ground and I didn’t even realize it. I wasn’t riding fast at all but the ground still took its toll. When you’re riding you can’t take your eyes off the road because something bad could happen! My helmet saved me from a far worse fate. I didn’t want to post this at all because no one wants to show their hiccups in life but it’s ok to show your vulnerabilities. More importantly, i had to post this as a reminder for everyone to please wear your helmets when you ride!”

Helmets save lives and that is a simple fact that has been proven time and time again. Bicycle accident statistics are clear on this fact as well.
Researchers at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 79 percent of cyclists who were fatally injured between 2010 and 2017 were not wearing a helmet. [1]

Even a relatively small bicycle accident can cause serious injury. Ray Allen’s example here is the best one we can hope to teach young bicycle riders and even older riders who forgo safety in the name of comfort.