Officer saves agent from Fort Lauderdale auto accident

A Fort Lauderdale officer and a U.S. Customs agent were nearly killed when someone didn’t move over while he was pulled over with his lights on, causing a Fort Lauderdale auto accident.

The officer had stopped to help at the scene of a Fort Lauderdale auto accident when he noticed a pickup truck coming toward him, according to

The officer was standing with an off-duty U.S. Customs officer who also stopped to help.

The men were between the police cruiser and another car when they saw the truck coming their way. The officer pulled the customs officer out of the way, and the pickup truck hit the cruiser in the Fort Lauderdale auto accident.

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Do you think it’s always possible to move over to prevent Fort Lauderdale auto accidents when there’s a vehicle on the side of the road? Do you think the move-over law helps protect motorists from Fort Lauderdale auto accidents?

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