Navigating Around Miami During the Big Game Weekend

50 yard line on a football field

On Feb. 2, the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the San Francisco 49ers in the pro football national championship game (we can’t say the name of the game, but you know what we’re talking about!). This year, the game is being held at Hard Rock Stadium, meaning there will be tons of traffic in and around Miami this weekend.

If you weren’t here or don’t remember how terrible traffic was when Hard Rock hosted the national championship in 2010, 2007 or earlier years, let us refresh your memory. All weekend, you can expect to barely be able to move around Hard Rock Stadium thanks to the game itself, as well as other festivities that will be going on. What’s more, local bars, restaurants and hotels will be packed to the gills with fans cheering for their favorite team.

Whether you live in South Florida or are just here for the game, it’s important you drive safely and defensively this weekend. It’s also important that you know what your options are if you’re in a wreck. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, our attorneys have represented car wreck victims for over 23 years. Give us a call at (800) 801-6850 or contact us online to speak with a Miami car accident lawyer today.

Avoid Miami Gardens Altogether

If you aren’t heading to the game or live closeby, your best option is to avoid going near Hard Rock Stadium — and Miami Gardens — all together on Sunday. Pedestrians will be clogging the streets all day, and thousands of vehicles will be trying to navigate around the area. That means you’ll be lucky to go a mile an hour.

If you are heading to the game, drive safely and patiently. Make sure you leave early enough that you aren’t rushing to find a parking spot and get into the stadium. Better yet, take advantage of the rideshare options you have. Sure, taking an Uber or Lyft will probably be pretty expensive. But it’s worth it to not have to drive or park around the stadium!

Be Ready for Anything

If you do have to drive around the city for whatever reason, be ready for drivers who have no idea what they’re doing. Yes, San Francisco and Kansas City are pretty big metropolises. But the traffic in those cities is wildly different than the traffic in Miami. Tourists who are driving themselves around may get lost, might drive the wrong speed, or may otherwise disrupt the flow of traffic.

Be ready for these drivers. Don’t expect everyone to go with the flow of traffic. Out-of-state drivers will force you to stop abruptly, drive slowly, and even dodge their actions. Do your best to avoid getting angry, and instead be patient and defensive.

Don’t Add to the Problem

Whether you love the Chiefs, are gung-ho for the 49ers or are just here for the commercials, there’s a good chance you’ll be enjoying a few drinks on Sunday night during the game. You should never, EVER drive if you feel even buzzed. Driving inebriated is not only illegal, but it’s incredibly dangerous. When you have thousands and thousands of people on the road after the game, you need to be as alert as possible.

If you’re hosting a party, offer your friends a ride home (if you are sober enough to do so). Even better, offer your friends a place to stay the night. If that’s not possible, or if you’re at a bar or somewhere else watching the game, be sure to call an Uber or Lyft. We promise there will be more than enough on the road to get you home safely after a night of drinking.

Stay Safe and Remember: We Have Your Back

This will be one of the busiest weekends of the year in Miami. You need to be ready for it. If you plan on watching the game with your friends or loved ones, have a plan for getting home. And if you’re in town to actually attend the game, don’t drive if you can help it. Instead, grab an Uber or Lyft and let the locals drive you around.

If you’re injured in a car wreck this weekend or any other time, we’re here to help. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, our attorneys have recovered over $1 BILLION on behalf of our clients, who come from all over the world. Give us a call at (800) 801-6850 or contact us online to speak with a Miami car accident lawyer today.