May 2018 Product Recalls to Be Aware Of

You have every right to believe that when you purchase a product, it is going to serve you as intended with normal use. You shouldn’t be injured by anything you purchase if you are using it in its intended manner. Unfortunately, people are injured by defective products every day. If you have purchased or received any of the following items in May 2018, be aware that they have been recalled.

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1. Crayons

Discount School Supply is popular with teachers and parents alike. The company has recently recalled a set of 200 extra-large crayons. Somehow, glass was released into the red batch and the crayons could pose a laceration hazard to anyone using them. If you have purchased this set of crayons, email for more information on obtaining a replacement set.

2. Spin Art Kit

Michaels is a popular craft store. Most of the products they offer are perfectly safe and provide hours of enjoyment. The company has recently issued a recall for the Creatology Spin Art Kit. The battery compartment of the product has been known to overheat, creating the potential for burn hazards. If you have a spin art kit, stop using it and contact (800) 642-4235 for information on obtaining a refund. (Note: The Pottery Wheel Kit has also been recalled for the same reason).

3. Playground Structure

Having a playground structure in your backyard is convenient if you have children. You can send the kids outside for some fresh air and exercise. If you have a playground made by Play and Park Structures, call (800) 809-4181 for information on obtaining a free inspection and repair to the slide component. Don’t let your children play on the equipment until you have it inspected, as the slide poses an entrapment hazard.

4. Honda RV

Honda has recalled approximately 65,000 recreational off-highway vehicles. The muffler has been known to overheat, melting the plastic heat shield or, worse, causing the heat shield to catch fire. If you have purchased one of these vehicles, contact your local authorized Honda Powersports dealer for an inspection and repair. These will be conducted free of charge.

5. Gas Fireplace

Regency has issued a recall for 13,700 gas fireplaces sold in the United States and 11,300 sold in Canada. An additional 10 were sold in Mexico. These units have a pressure release system that may fail, causing them to explode. If you have purchased this fireplace, call (866) 867-4328 for information about scheduling a free repair of the unit.

6. Chainsaw

It’s the season to start getting the yard in order. Many people purchase small chainsaws to take down bushes, shrubs and tree branches. If you’ve bought a Harbor Freight Tools chainsaw, stop using it. The power switch may malfunction, causing the unit to fail to turn off when the switch is flipped. Replacement units will be available to those who visit their local Harbor Freight Tools store. You can call (800) 444-3353 for more information.

7. Deep Fryer

If you’ve purchased a deep fryer from ALDI, you may have plans for some great meals. Before you start cooking in your fryer, be sure that it isn’t part of the recent recall. About 35,000 consumers have purchased one of these fryers and are at risk of burn. The heating element in some units has overheated, prompting the company to issue a recall. Phone (800) 336-9967 for more information.

8. Bath Toy

Parents purchase bath toys as a way to encourage little ones to take a bath. Sadly, these toys can pose hazards when they aren’t manufactured properly. Munchkin has recalled the Waterpede bath toy because it can break apart and expose or release small parts. This poses a choking hazard to children. You can call (877) 242-3134 if you have one of the approximately 72,000 toys sold.

9. Go-Karts

Go-Karts are popular among people of all ages, but some are specially designed with children in mind. One such kart, made by Hauck, has been recalled due to a steering wheel malfunction. If you have a black and orange go-kart made by the company, call (877) 428-2545 to see if it is part of the recall. There were more than 26,000 units sold in the United States.

10. Cardigan Set

It’s getting warm and you may be packing away your toddler’s winter clothes, but if you have a Carter’s cardigan set, check to see if it is part of the recent recall. There were about 107,200 sold in the United States. You can contact (800) 692-4674 for information about receiving a refund in the form of a gift card.
If you have been injured by a defective product in Miami, you have legal rights. Reach out to our office today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We will be happy to advise you of your legal rights and options.

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