Justice served and Boynton Hoops basketball team wins the P.A.L. championship

Boynton BasketballAfter an uphill fight to attend and be allowed to participate with their teammates in the 2010 P.A.L. Basketball Tournament at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, the Boynton Hoops 12-and-under basketball team won the championship game as a team. The national Police Athletic League’s mantra, “Cops and kids working together” is a mantra three young basketball players and their families were afraid would not ring true April 9 at the commencement of the 2010 Florida P.A.L Tournament. The state PAL’s Jacksonville, Florida office had disqualified three team members of Hester Center’s 12-and-under Boynton Hoops team on the basis of paperwork technicalities, called a “signature snafu” in the Palm Beach Post, on April 8, 2010.

Amid rumors of possible premeditated barring of the star Boynton Hoops players whose tournament forms were signed by their parents instead of the young players, Circuit Judge Waddell A. Wallace granted the request by Steinger, Greene & Feiner and the team for a temporary injunction. Only a day before the tournament’s open, P.A.L. and its Florida Director, L.B. Scott, were forced to allow players Dijoun Farquharson, 12; Christoff Nairn, 11 to join their team in tournament play on April 9 and through the weekend. Victoriously, the qualified Boynton Hoops team brought home to Boynton Beach the championship title as well as a renewed spirit for the game and the freedom they exercise to improve their game daily and aim higher.