Insurance Companies—Delay, Deny, Defend

Insurance companies are first and foremost in the business to make profits. Oftentimes, they don’t fully consider a victim’s loss of quality of life when calculating the value of a claim. For instance, Allstate Insurance Company has been known to use a computer program called Colossus, which evaluates injury claims. During this process, the computer can’t look at the victim’s loss of quality of life experiences, which can be the most important factor in evaluating a Florida personal injury claim.

At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we have a team of 14 Florida injury lawyers who work exclusively in the area of Florida personal injury law. Our focus is to help innocent victims obtain justice and compensation for their injuries. We don’t work for the big insurance companies who put profits over people—we work for you.

We find it extremely important to show the loss of the quality of life experiences to demonstrate our clients’ injuries. For example, an insurance company once wrote to tell us that our client’s claim was “frivolous.” After we filed a lawsuit against the company, they responded with another insulting letter, telling us our client’s claim was “a nuisance,” and offered us $2,000 to resolve the case.

Yes, the insurance company our client trusted to take help them in a time on need used the words “nuisance” and “frivolous” when referring to our client’s pain and suffering. When Steinger, Greene & Feiner finished telling the jury all the ways the victim suffered in the Florida auto accident and the resulting loss of quality life, the jury awarded a multimillion dollar verdict. It took six years, but our client finally received justice for not only the physical injuries, but also the loss of quality of life experiences.

Of course, all cases are different, and not all insurance companies are wrong. Remember, though, insurance companies usually make a very handsome profit by paying out as little as possible on claims. They work hard, and whether it is intentional or not, many times the effect is to intimidate accident victims into accepting small settlements.

Knowledge is power, and the earlier an accident victim sees a Florida injury lawyer at Steinger, Greene & Feiner, the faster it is we can begin to work on obtaining justice and compensation for their loss of quality of life.