I Fell in a Store, What Should I do?

In Florida, experiencing a fall in a store is not uncommon. If you fell in a store there is a couple of things you should know to do right after! Our experienced personal injury attorneys provide their clients with free consultations to go over their slip and fall claims. Slip and fall victims are entitled to compensation for their damages and our slip and fall attorneys can help you!

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First Steps After Falling in a Store

Right after you experience a fall in a store, you should assess yourself. If you feel any types of injuries hindering your body from moving, stay where you are and have someone else alert an employee. Once the employee comes, make sure you fill out an incident report with them or with the store manager to report the accident. If your injuries are major, request that an ambulance be called as well so you can seek medical attention.

While you wait for medical assistance, take photos of the surrounding area where the fall occurred. Documenting the dangerous conditions where the slip and fall occurred will help you prove that the store owner was negligent. According to Florida Law 768.0755, for a slip and fall case to be successful you must be able to prove the following:

  • The area where the slip and fall happened was dangerous.
  • There was knowledge of the condition or the store manager/employees should have been aware of the condition.
  • Nothing was done to fix the dangerous condition.
  • The slip and fall accident was a direct outcome of the dangerous condition not being handled properly.

The next step is to gather the contact information of anyone that witnessed your slip and fall accident. They can provide information that will back up your slip and fall claim. Their statements can help your claim in proving actual or constructive knowledge that is mentioned in Florida Law 768.0755.

  • Actual knowledge is the hardest to prove as it requires proving the property owner or store manager had knowledge of the dangerous condition but chose not to fix it. Sometimes surveillance camera footage can help prove actual knowledge.
  • Constructive knowledge is easier to prove as it puts together pieces of a puzzle. A Florida slip and fall attorney would have to show that the property owner or store manager had failed to carry out the removal of safety hazards before allowing the public in the store.

Compensation for a Slip and Fall

For a Florida slip and fall case, you are able to claim compensation for all the injuries you experienced. Slip and fall injuries like broken hips, dislocated joints, knee injuries, and shoulder injuries all require proper medical assessment and treatment. It is important to keep all your medical records to use to show your injuries are related to the slip and fall.

You will be able to receive a settlement for your current and future medical bills. If you have to continue treatment for these injuries you will be able to claim that for compensation. Other than medical bills you can also claim compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of career
  • Pain and suffering
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Depending on where you experience your slip and fall, compensation for these claims is only limited by the number of damages you encounter. If you slip and fall on property like a grocery store, amusement park, mall, restaurant, or hospital the amount of compensation is virtually unlimited because they have certain policies protecting them. For a slip and fall that occurs in a place like a home, the potential settlement would be limited because the homeowner’s insurance policy is normally confined.

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