Hurricane Eta Floods Fort Lauderdale & Trashes Tampa

Miami, Fla. – Hurricane Eta is passed Florida but not before causing property damage and flooding from Miami to Tampa. The storm is currently losing steam in the Atlantic and is considered an extratropical low at this point.

So far, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have shattered yearly rainfall averages.

“Fort Lauderdale has had 86.57 inches of rain in 2020, which is already 24.39 inches more than a normal year (62.18 inches). Miami has seen 82.19 inches of rain, up 20.29 inches from a normal year’s 61.9.” (Local 10 News)

There is possibly nothing worse for business owners and homeowners than to rebuild after a terrible tropical storm. Both Florida costs have been affected by Hurricane ETA, and the flooding in Fort Lauderdale seems to have caused the most damage so far. Up and down Ocean BLVD, South Florida saw major flooding up to knee level in most places. Most of the Downtown area remains closed.

hurricane ETA flooding FTL

Hurricane Eta was is the 31st tropical storm to develop during the 2020 hurricane season. The 2020 season is tied with 2005 for most storms in one season. In order to be considered a tropical storm, the storm cell must spin at a rate of at least 39 mph.

Forecasters predict Eta to move northeast and away from the U.S. out into the Atlantic. The storm is being pushed by another developing storm called Tropical Storm Theta, developing in the Southeast.. The storm is hanging on to its 60 mph maximum sustained winds and is moving at 12 mph with outward tropical-storm-force winds reaching up to 195 miles away from its center.

The NHC expects the storm to speed up Friday and turn north sometime over the weekend when it is expected to begin losing strength.


Property damage estimates are still too early to call, but the 2018 and 2019 hurricane season cost homeowners, and taxpayers $136 Billion in damages. (NOAA)

The Tampa Bay area was also hit by rain and strong winds this week but there have been no reports of Hurricane Eta floods. Tampa homeowners who prepared for the storm are in better shape than some who did not prepare. As of the end of this week, Westshore Boulevard is completely underwater, and most residential areas are experiencing massive flood damage.

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