How to Get the Most Money from a Car Accident Injury Claim

Car accident injuries are quite costly and that cost increases as the severity of the resulting injuries increases. After factoring in medical bills, lost time at work, and the change in lifestyle that can last months or be permanent, it’s obvious why victims want to know how to get the most money they can from an injury claim.

Without adequate representation, victims get saddled with medical bills, after hospitalization that could last for days or even weeks. Every x-ray, pill, surgical procedure, aftercare, and doctor visit will cost you and those costs increase fast.

Victims are often eligible to receive compensation when another party has caused a car accident that results in an injury. Court-awarded damages and settlements can vary depending on the situation.

checklistBut one thing remains true, regardless of the details of the incident- it’s within your right to fight for the highest possible settlement from a car injury claim.


And your personal injury attorney can help you make that happen.

Can You Increase The Claim Amount For Car Accident Injury?

Of course! There are insurance guidelines and laws that can be called upon to ensure you receive the highest possible settlement you deserve after a car accident.

As mentioned, each situation is different so it’s important to contact a lawyer. However, you should also know that the value of these claims can change dramatically in a matter of minutes, days, or weeks after the crash.

Here are some important reminders that victims should keep in mind in order to maximize the claims for any vehicle accident.

What Factors Increase Or Decrease Your Settlement Amount?

The Severity of The Injury


As the severity of your injury increases, so do the medical bills, the lost time at work, and the emotional distress. Severe injury cases are commonly married to higher settlement amounts for those reasons.

Breach of Duty of Care


The negligence involved in the actions of the victim or the at-fault driver will influence the final settlement amount positively or negatively.

For instance, if it’s found that the victim also breached some duty of care, their settlement amount will decrease. If it’s found that the at-fault driver negligently and grossly breached the duty of care, it may increase the total settlement amount for the victim.

Accidents Related to Employment


The at-fault diver’s employer has some legal liability in regards to any action that employee takes within the scope of his or her employment.

That means that the at-fault driver’s employer may be held liable for their employee’s action and thus can also be required to settle with the victim.


How To Increase The Chances of a High Settlement

Remain at the Accident Scene


Drivers are required to stop at the scene of any vehicle accident. After the accident, call the authorities, call for medical assistance if it’s necessary, and then call an auto accident attorney.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later will increase your chances of a successful case.

Gather Information

magnifying glass

You can begin gathering information yourself at the accident scene as long as you are not in the way of the first responders.

Collect the contact details of the passengers or drivers involved in the accident and take note of insurance info as well. Be sure to take as many pictures as you can, not only of the cars, but of your own injuries and of the surrounding areas.

Get Information from the Witnesses


Eyewitnesses can provide valuable information, perspective, and context to an accident report. Ask those around you if they saw the accident and the moments leading up to it. Collect their contact information; both phone numbers and emails.

Written statements over email can be very helpful. Ask them to stay and speak to the police to ensure their statement is included in the police report.

Take note of the surrounding area and look for security cameras that may have also picked caught the accident on film. Be sure to take all of this information to your West Palm Beach car accident lawyer or Nashville car accident lawyer.

Keep Your Bills

You may be compensated for the cost related to the crash and injuries. Keep your bills and insurance documents for your medical care during and after the accident. Be meticulous. You have to prove your hardship.

Overall, patience is important. Some cases can take years to settle. It’s important for your own mental health and your physical recovery, that you keep a positive outlook while maintaining a high level of patience.  

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