How does Social Media Affect a Dallas Car Accident Claim?

Everything nowadays is shared on social media sites. People like to share their life with friends and family through Instagram or Facebook. However, this can jeopardize many personal injury cases as these posts can be used against them in their claim. Dallas car accident lawyers recommend avoiding posting anything about your car accident on social media.

How Insurance Companies Use Social Media Against Dallas Car Accident Claims

Social media sites will harm your case if you post about your accidents online. Our Dallas car accident attorneys have seen many instances where victims of car accidents suffer real injuries but posting on social media activities like going to the gym, going to a concert, going on a trip, and posting about these things will be used against injury claims.

Insurance companies will try and use any information they can to lessen the compensation they will grant, or they will completely deny your claim. Going to the doctor and getting medically assessed after a Dallas car accident will help fight against this claim.

Social media accounts are used for a number of reasons. If you are someone who shares every aspect of your life online, we do have some recommendations about posting your personal injury accidents:

  • Do not give full details about your case in a post. Oversharing details can be used against you if you are the victim.
  • Using phrases like, “I was distracted, and next thing I knew, I was rear-ended” or “I couldn’t stop quick enough.”
  • Avoid talking about your injuries and emotional state.
  • Do not add anyone or let someone follow you that you do not know. It can potentially be a representative of the defendant.
  • Avoid posting photos of your injuries and treatments; you want to keep that between you and your personal injury claim.

Your Social Media Friends Can Ruin Your Claim

If you post about your Dallas car accident on social media, your friends are likely to comment on your posts. Their comments can be used against you by the defendant’s insurance company. Comments that are meant as jokes to lighten the mood about the car crash will be used against you:

  • Don’t drive with music blasting
  • Slow down when your driving
  • Avoid getting distracted by your phone
  • This is why I never drive with you

These comments will be taken seriously. The only way to avoid getting these types of comments is by not posting our accident publicly on the internet. Insurance adjusters will use anything to give car accident victims a lower settlement amount. These types of comments can be seen as the car accident victim participating in distracted driving actions that are harmful and can affect fault.

Free Consultation With a Dallas Car Accident Attorney

Seeking a Dallas car accident attorney after experiencing a car accident, will be the best thing for your accident claims. They will be able to advise you on how to minimize your case’s exposure on social media. Also, advise on what not to post or share with others online.

Dallas car accident lawyers will be able to help you collect compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, and property damage. Social media posts can negatively affect the potential settlement that will be gained. So having a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer, who will provide legal advice every step of the way, will make the process easier.

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