Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc. 14th Annual Golf Tournament

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Steinger, Greene & Feiner applauds Workers Compensation attorney Gregory Forsythe as Tournament Co-Chair of the 14th Annual Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament, November 13, 2009 at the Fox Club in Palm City, Florida.

Through their tireless efforts, Workers’ Compensation attorneys like Mr. Forsythe are directly impacting the families of Workman’s Compensation clients whose injuries prevent them from earning the income they once did to support their families and their children’s educational futures.  Friends of the 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc. continually raise awareness and host fundraising events like the upcoming Golf Tournament in Palm City to the meet the need in so many families in our community.

Steinger, Greene & Feiner is proud to support attorney Gregory Forsythe and the 14th Annual Friends of the 440 Scholarship Fund as we all work toward improving the lives of those in need throughout our  community.  Due to their In cooperation with Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast, Steinger, Greene & Feiner is bringing hope to work injury victims and their families at our Miami personal law offices, Ft Lauderdale personal law offices, West Palm Beach personal law offices and Port St Lucie personal law offices.

440 Golf Tournament