Florida’s No-Fault Car Insurance System Repealed

The state of Florida has had a no-fault car insurance system in place for nearly 50 years. No more. The House recently voted to end the system and the Senate is expected to follow suit. The House vote was 88 to 15 in favor of repealing the current policy.

The question for many, however, isn’t whether or not Personal Injury Protection needs to be repealed, but how it should be done. According to one of the representatives that voted not to repeal, there is nothing in the new plan that ensures medical providers are compensated for their work after an accident.

Currently, the state does not require drivers to purchase bodily injury coverage. Instead, drivers are required to protect themselves in the event someone does not have an adequate amount of coverage. Every driver in the state is legally required to carry PIP in the amount of $10,000 or more.

If the system is repealed, it is expected that drivers in the state, who pay some of the highest car insurance rates in the nation, could save $81 per vehicle. While the savings could add up, there is still no requirement in the works for people to carry insurance to pay for the medical bills of those that are injured in a vehicle accident they cause.

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