Florida Nursing Home Had Days to Prepare

A dozen people have passed away due to what is being called negligence by a Florida nursing home. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, news is coming out that the nursing home where several people lost their lives had more than a week to prepare for the storm and determine how their residents would be taken care of.

The 12th victim of the hurricane-related issues in a Florida nursing home has passed away, and the family’s attorney is speaking out. “This tragedy was not only avoidable, but was foreseeable as Hollywood Hills Rehabilitation had over a week to prepare and create a plan to relocate and protect all of its residents prior to Hurricane Irma’s arrival,” Sean Greene, of Steinger, Greene & Feiner, told the Miami Herald.

It has been discovered that the 12th victim had many of the same symptoms as the other patients who lost their lives. The nursing home lost power as a result of the storm, including its air conditioning, causing temperatures inside the facility to reach dangerous levels. The highest recorded body temperature of the victims was over 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

The nursing home has been closed and police are investigating the deaths as part of a criminal investigation. Questions remain as to why none of the residents were transported to a functioning hospital that sat right across the street from the facility.

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