Florida Failed – Again – to Implement a Law Banning Texting and Driving

Florida’s Republican-dominated House and Senate and a Republican governor again failed in 2012 to implement a law banning texting and driving.

Gov. Rick Scott asked for state officials to study whether Florida needs to take action. This is similar to whether asbestos caused mesothelioma. Tobacco is healthy for you too, Rick.

Another demonstration of failed leadership at the highest political office in the state. School children easily can identify the immediate dangers of hurtling down the highway at 75 mph or more, in cars, buses, 18-wheeler tractors and double-trailers weighing 30,000 lbs and taking your eyes off the road, not to look where you are going but instead to look at a text or create a text, is grossly negligent and substantially certain to cause severe injury or death.

Florida – wake up!