Do I Have a Case Even Without Damage to My Vehicle

question markWe are often asked “Do I have a case if my car was not damaged in the car accident?”, of “Do I have a case if I sustained no injuries in the car accident?”

The answer, in the most simple, yet very lawyer-y way we can possibly answer this question is: it depends.

Yes, you may still have a case because your car may have damages you are not seeing and you may have sustained injuries that you are not aware of. You should see a professional before you self-diagnose your car or your own condition. A mechanic and doctor will be able to determine the truth.

But if your car has not incurred any damages, and you have not been injured, your likelihood of a successful case is almost completely diminished. But again, this is where the experts come in. Don’t just read this article, call an experienced car accident attorney, and speak with someone who can tell you for sure.

Of course, you never want to be in such a horrific situation but after the initial trauma, you’re now wondering what you should do next. Thankfully, you’re safe and your car did not incur any damage too. So do you still have a case?

Are you sure that your car has no damage?

It may look like a simple scratch or dent and you might think that it’s okay to just drive off without getting the other driver’s personal information and insurance policy number. But your car could still incur damages that are not easily seen by the naked eye.

For instance, the accident may have damaged your radiator or oil pan and the impact may have been slight, but the damage, over time, could be destroying your car. Sometimes, something as simple as a nudge could cause a short circuit to your battery, which can affect your battery life.

Alignment is also a common problem in minor accidents so unless a technician has seen your car, never rule out that there has been no damage to it.

In that case, you always need to exchange information with the other driver as a precaution. And you should always see a mechanic for a full inspection of your car before you make any judgments about the condition of the vehicle.

You also need to take notes and photos of the car accident, so you have supporting documents in case you need to file a claim at a later date.

Backinjury at doctors office

Are you sure that you have no injuries?

You don’t need to have a bruise or wound to be injured in a car accident. Sometimes, it takes a few hours from the initial trauma to feel and notice injuries that require medical attention. In fact, minor injuries are more common in low-speed accidents because they don’t trigger the airbag.

So whether you feel anything or not at the moment, make sure to have yourself checked for any injuries and never discount the emotional and psychological trauma that could result from the accident. It’s also very important to ask for help from a lawyer so you know the right steps to take.

Do you need to file a claim for a minor accident?

Most insurance companies will require you to report an accident, no matter how small or even if you or your car didn’t incur any damage. This way, you can already have all the paperwork ready in case your car suddenly breaks down due to unseen damage caused by an accident or if you feel the effects of that accident a few weeks after it happened. You should still hire a lawyer after a minor accident. As we’ve mentioned before, you should almost never make this judgment calls without discussing the situation with an experienced lawyer, mechanic, or doctor. What may seem minor, or not serious to you, may actually be an important and life-changing issue.

Get in touch with a lawyer right away to discuss the accident and gather all the evidence you need if you have to take matters to court later on.



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