Changes Coming to Florida’s Car Insurance Laws

Curbing fraud in the state’s no-fault car insurance law was a top priority for 2012 for lawmakers and the governor, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

New legislation alters how drivers use their insurance, attempts to reduce crash-related lawsuits, and seeks to lower insurance rates.

After Gov. Scott signs the bill into law, some of the changes will begin this summer, but drivers won’t see their policies change drastically until 2013.

The measure (HB 119) includes a requirement that insurance companies reduce personal injury protection (PIP) premiums at least 10 percent by Oct. 1, and 25 percent by 2014.

PIP reform restores no-fault car insurance to its core mission, lawmakers say.

“My goal was to put PIP back into its original character as emergency treatment to get you back on your feet,” said Sen. Joe Negron, the Stuart Republican who helped craft the changes.

The Senator also said, “There is a strong alliance of senators who are going to hold the insurance companies’ feet to the fire and make sure they reduce rates dramatically.”

Tougher licensing standards for medical clinics, a new statewide anti-fraud task force, wider use of long-form accident reports, and stiff penalties for providers caught defrauding the system are some of the expected changes.

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