What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident While On Vacation In Orlando?

Many of us are beginning to travel again, and as the summer months bring with them vacation plans and lots of trips to sunny Florida. Of course, many people are returning to the theme parks in Orlando. And as traffic increases so do those accidents. So, what exactly are you supposed to do if you are involved in a car accident while on vacation in Orlando?

We’ve asked out Orlando auto accident attorneys to weigh in on the best steps to take after an accident while on vacation here. Unlike having a car accident out of state, Orlando car accidents can be somewhat specific.

Should you hire a lawyer, even though you’re on vacation? Knowing what to do after a car accident is vital. But it’s so tough to know what to do in the moment. Car accidents are so chaotic and if you’re on vacation you’re already out of your comfort zone.

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1: Don’t Panic

No need to panic. Follow these steps if you were in a car accident while on vacation in Orlando. Remember that this too shall pass and that not all things last forever.

Statistically, most of us will experience a car accident in our lives. Being in a car accident while on vacation is less than ideal, and you definitely had better things to do this week, but these things happen. You will make it through this. Chin up, keep moving forward, and keep checking things off this list.

2: Call the Local Authorities

Notify the local police as soon as possible. Getting a police report is one of the smartest things you can do after having a car accident on vacation. You can find more of the Orlando police contact numbers here.

Also, if this was at a theme park or on a property of some kind, be sure to speak with the authorities or managers of that property. The more people you get involved the better here. You want to make sure that all your bases are covered.

The theme parks have their own authorities, and they will likely write up their own accident report as well so speak with them as soon as possible.

3: Seek Immediate Medical Evaluation 

It’s difficult to be sure of injury after a car accident which is why we always err on the side of caution and advice everyone who has been in a car accident to get medical help as soon as possible. The problem with car accidents is that you can never be sure if you are not injured until time has passed, or until you have been evaluated by a medical professional.

Adrenaline, inflammation, and swelling and hide many injuries that may only flare up later. You may not like the idea of taking time from your vacation to go to the hospital or to a clinic to be check, but we highly advise spending one afternoon being evaluated. It could save you a lifetime of pain down the road.

The hospitals in Orlando are some of the best and safest in the South Eastern United States. You are in good hands.

4: Find an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Different states or countries have different laws, so contacting a local lawyer is the best thing you can do, especially if you were injured. Finding a good Orlando car accident lawyer will make all the difference in your case.

Speak to an Orlando car accident attorney as soon as possible:  (407) 289-0020. An Orlando personal injury lawyer will know exactly how to ensure that you are being taken care of correctly and that your case will be handled professionally from the beginning.

5: Collect Evidence Right Away

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Photographic evidence is one of the strongest ways to document the car accident. If you can, take photos of your injuries, the damage to both cars, the surroundings, and the license and insurance information of the other driver.

If your injuries won’t let you take pictures, then, you can ask someone to do it on your behalf. Photos the best, solid documentation you can use to support your insurance claim. Nothing is better than photo evidence.

Some clients find it easier to send themselves emails with all their documents. You could use the same subject line for every email and keep them in a file if needed.

6: Call Your Car Rental Company

If you are renting a car, let your car rental company know about the accident. Your car rental company can provide you a replacement vehicle as well as further instructions on how to move forward.

If you were involved in an uber car accident while on vacation, you may have to follow an entirely different set of steps to ensure that you are taken care of.

  1. If the Uber driver caused the accident, then you would be able to go after the Uber accident policy.
  2. If another driver is at fault for causing the car accident, then your rideshare lawyer would sue the insurance of the at fault driver

Stay calm and let the car rental company handle their portion of this accident.

7: Contact Your Travel Insurance Provider

Get in touch with your travel insurance provider as there might be some benefits that can be used for your current situation.

Let them know if you are injured or if you plan on visiting the hospital or contacting a car accident lawyer in Orlando. If you’ve had a car accident while on vacation and you did not pay for travel insurance, then skip this step. Not everyone decides to buy travel insurance and many people are not paying for travel insurance unless they travel overseas.

8: Update Your Travel Itinerary

Unfortunately, a car accident while on vacation means that some of your plans will likely have to change. If you are injured in the accident, you will likely need to change plans to begin some preliminary medical treatment right away to avoid future injury.

So you may have to update your travel plans. Call around, cancel some reservations, or ask if they can accommodate your new situation if necessary. Rather make these calls than lose out on all those reservations.

9: Figure Out How You’re Traveling Home

Your travel plans may have changed drastically.

If you have broken a bone in a car accident while on vacation and you require a cast, you will have to ask your airline what rules they require you to follow certain guidelines before boarding a plane with a cast.

In most cases, you cannot board a plane with a freshly fitted cast because there is a risk of swelling and blood clotting, so most airlines require you to wait 24 hours before boarding any flights.

If you require wheelchair assistance, the airline will happily offer you that service. Simply ask them when you arrive or telephone ahead of arrival.

10: Tell Your Boss

Finally, it’s a good idea to let your boss know that you were in a car accident while on vacation. They will likely want to know what accommodations they will have to make for you when you do return to work.


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