Brothers Arrested for Abuse

According to West Palm Beach police, Noe Ramos, 28, and his brother, Uriel Ramos, 26, repeatedly raped a child living in their home over the course of three years. The brothers now face hundreds of counts of sexual assault against the child, now 13. Both are being held at the county jail without bail.

The elder Ramos brother, Noe, is facing 156 separate counts of sexual assault on a minor by a custodian. Uriel Ramos is facing 287 counts of the same offense. Authorities have not released information regarding the relationship between the girl and the brothers.

The brothers are accused of sexually assaulting the girl before she was 12 years old, making their offenses capital and punishable by life in prison. No one is certain how the girl’s abuse came to light, but police are telling reporters that the girl was able to clearly describe details of her most recent assaults at the hands of the brothers.

As early as last week, Noe Ramos sexually assaulted the girl who was unable to push him away due to a difference in size and strength. Thursday, Uriel Ramos attacked the girl after entering her bedroom and locking the door behind him. The girl told police that she did not attempt to fight Uriel as previous attempts had resulted in her being beat by the man.

Uriel Ramos was arrested in 2010 after hitting a woman over the head with a beer bottle. The incident occurred in a Jupiter store, and Ramos was arrested for aggravated assault. Charges were later reduced to battery, for which Ramos was found guilty. Noe Ramos has no criminal record.

Both brothers have confessed to their crimes, admitting to raping the girl multiple times throughout each week during the period of abuse.

The Department of Children and Families is investigating the home.

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