Beach Road Joggers Hit by Juno Neighbor

In South Florida, we are in the height of season. Our mild winter temperatures and miles of beaches bring people from all over the country, for months of outdoor activity. Unfortunately, the roads become busier and there are more pedestrians that need to share the space, from runners to bicyclists and those headed to the sandy dunes. Sadly, sometimes these jaunts turn into accidents like the one in Juno Beach.

Joggers Clifford Davis and Deborah Morton-Hengen were involved in a tragic accident last week, while trying to cross U.S. 1, a highly-traveled, popular beach road. Their neighbor Albert Michaluk, hit the pair after stopping at the intersection of Donald Ross Road. Police believe he may have been trying to make a right on red, startled the joggers, and was unable to keep from hitting them. Davis passed away after he and his wife were transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center, where Morton-Hengen is in critical but stable condition.

Our thoughts are with Morton-Hengen as she recovers and mourns the loss of her husband. We hope that anyone exercising, enjoying the weather and driving during these beautiful months, will stay safe by taking necessary precautions while out on the road. At Steinger, Greene & Feiner, we realize that no one will expect to be involved in an accident, but if you are we want to help you understand your rights. If you feel you deserve compensation for your loss or injuries, call our team at 1-800-560-5059 or fill out a free, no obligation consultation form online, anytime.