5 Ways to Avoid Getting a DUI This Holiday Season

You might be asking, why would a personal injury law firm care about DUIs and why would they want to prevent drinking driving? We see this as a win, win situation. We offer you a few ways to avoid getting a DUI and in turn, you don’t get behind the wheel and injury yourself or others in a car accident.

We all win.

The truth is, DUIs can be some of the saddest cases because they could have been avoided. But, if you or a loved one were involved in a DUI car accident, we can help.

avoid getting a dui this holiday season

1: Get a Ride There

If you are the kind of person who will drive home because it’s a hassle picking up your car the next day, or you think you aren’t nearly as drunk; then you should consider getting a ride to your destination and not even taking your car in the first place.

Even if it’s an after-work event, drive home and then get a ride to the bar for cocktails. You can get a ride with a friend, coworker, or even through a rideshare program. Rideshare accidents are a lot less common and there is no excuse for you getting a DUI these days because these apps are everywhere.

And here’s the thing, there are more than 300,000 drunk drivers on the road EVERY DAY, and of course, that figure increases during the holidays. But only about 3,200 are arrested. (MADD)

This means most people have to drink and drive at least 100 times on average before they are caught. You have done it, but do you want to push your limit and take the chance again?

2: Don’t Drink At All

The best way to prevent drunk driving and avoid getting a DUI is to simply not drink at all. But let’s be honest, this is the last option for most holiday celebrating folks. In fact, you came to a page to learn how to avoid getting a DUI precisely because you knew you were going to drink in the first place.

So what kind of stupid person says the best way to drunk driving is to avoid drinking in the first place? It seems kind of obvious.

Yes, but it has to be said because some of us need to hear it. If you can’t control your urge to drive, or if you know yourself well enough to know that you may in fact get into some trouble and maybe even drive drunk, then just avoid it altogether.

Why add any more risk? For a few jokes and a terrible hangover? Just avoid drinking at all. If you still want a few jokes and a terrible hangover, arrange for a friend to come over, tell you a few knock-knock jokes, and then yell into your ear until you have a headache.

3: Stay at a Friends

Listen, if you’re out there, painting the town a proverbial red, or maybe a faded orange at least, then you should have a friend, coworker, or trusted colleague that you can rely on for a place to rest up for the night.

Even the lumpiest, smelliest, smallest couch in the world is more comfortable than the stone stab benches in the country holding cell. So ask a friend, someone you can trust, if you can spend the night.

4: Find a Designated Driver

Avoid getting a DUI with the help of some good friends and family.

We all have a friend that is not a big drinker, and if you don’t then it may be time to find one. If not, ask a friend to take turns. You drive this time, they drive next time.

Or at the very least, you can chat with a significant other. Get them to pick you up from the after-work beers when you can.

5: Host Your Own Holiday Shindig

No matter how much a holiday party costs, it will cost less than a DUI, trust us! Did you know that DUIs, on average cost $10,000? You read that right. (AAC)

Do you think the cost of a DUI is just a fine? Just a measly little ticket? Nope, sorry friend, you thought wrong.

A DUI costs lawyer fees, fines, traffic school, probation costs, car boot, bail bonds, treatment costs (therapy is usually required and you pay!), and an ignition interlocking device.

So how much is that party now? Well, even if you threw the best holiday party of your life, it would probably cost less than $10,000. And if it costs more, well then hey now. You’re probably going to have the best time. Either way, you won’t drink and drive and you will avoid getting a DUI. Mission accomplished.

Don’t be a grinch or a buzzkill, avoid getting a DUI, and prevent drunk driving yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world, take a different path, have fun more responsibly.

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