Avoid Car Accidents When Returning to Work

Everyone has noticed and commented on the empty roads during quarantine. I275 has been a quiet and traffic in Tampa and Florida has decreased overall. But as people get back to work, the empty highways are beginning to fill up again. And as it turns out, the rate of car accidents has not decreased.

In fact, empty roads have been riskier during the pandemic. Recent data suggests that fatality rates per mile driven in March increased by 14% this year compared to an 8% drop last year. New data on traffic deaths show the number of serious crashes increased in several southeastern states, including Florida. The rest of the country saw a decrease in fatalities.

[1] Tampa car accident lawyers have been working hard to ensure that clients injured in collisions are well compensated. If you’re going back on the road after quarantine, it’s best to take all the necessary precautions to avoid getting involved in a car accident. Empty roads do not guarantee safety, but you can take these precautions to avoid an accident when returning to work.  

Get Your Car Checked

Your car has been in quarantine too! This might be the longest stretch of time that your car has been in the garage or driveway. Not moving. And an idle car can be dangerous to drive.

Before you get back on the road, we recommend taking your car to a mechanic to be checked. Ask them to check your fluids, brakes and let them know the car has remained idle for a few months.  

Do Not Multitask

Your schedule is off, and you have probably been using your mobile phone at times when you were not before the quarantine began.

It must be said again: do no text and drive. Limit distractions while you’re on the road and commit yourself to doing only one thing: driving.  

Do Not Rush

Emptier roads may tempt you to drive faster than you normally might. But as we mentioned above, there have been more accidents in Florida during quarantine than before, fewer cars don’t always mean fewer accidents.

Don’t speed! Give yourself enough time to drive to work without rushing so you can enjoy the experience of being back on the road after months of staying home and focus on getting yourself safely to your destination.  

Always Be on Your Guard

You haven’t been behind the wheel in a while and even though it’s like riding a bike, you may be a little rusty. One of the most important road rules is to never assume the other drivers are fully focused.

Rushed or distracted drivers are a real danger on the road so pay close attention to the cars around you as you get back into the swing of things. If you want to protect yourself from these irresponsible drivers, you must assume that they will make a mistake. Be on guard!

You’re probably so excited to start driving your car to work again, but it’s also very important to be as cautious as you get back into your regular routine. At the end of the day, it’s all about being responsible enough to make the right decisions while you’re on the road. We hope you are all safe on our Tampa Roads! And if you experience and accident in South Florida, call one of our car accident attorneys in West Palm Beach.

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Sources: [1]: Data show Southeast only region to see increase in traffic fatalities