6,000 Thanksgiving Meals…

i heart my attorney final snip

Pumpkin Bread “Turkey”. Stuffing “Mashed Potatoes”. Green Beans Cranberry Sauce & Gravy”. And the tools to enjoy it all with”. 🙂 THIS was the assembly line and with a little musical stations, the 10 Steinger, Greene & Feiner “representatives” (ALL in Steinger, Greene & Feiner Tees OF COURSE!) were getting the meals assembled in record time, paying very close attention to portion control ie. Give’em more.

I am confident each one of OUR lives was ENRICHED by the food we were preparing for those in need throughout our community. Thanks to the preparation of 1,600 Turkeys over 3 days, 4000 volunteers over 10 days, and 5 Steinger, Greene & Feiner When You Need Us representatives, we were able to be a part of this incredible endeavor to distribute 70,000 meals tomorrow before 12noon!Ă‚ I will be there, again in my SIG tee Thursday morning, blessed to be a blessing.

Thank you to KELLY, KIM, BETH, and MARISSA whom I was so proud to stand beside at yesterday’s event!

6,000 Meals 12:30 – 5p is pretty impressive if I may say so! WAY TO BE Steinger, Greene & Feiner West Palm Beach!!!


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