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Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

shutterstock_157365062A Florida workers’ compensation lawyer can help after you have suffered an injury or become ill as a result of your job. The workers’ compensation laws are designed to ensure that every worker has the financial resources he needs after a job causes an injury, but unfortunately employers and insurers sometimes don’t handle work injury claims fairly.

At Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, our attorneys have decades of collective experience representing work injury victims. From making an initial claim to appealing denials to resolving benefits disputes, we have the legal experience you need to help you after you’ve been hurt at work.

Understanding Florida Workers’ Compensation Laws

Under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, almost every employee is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. When an injury or illness occurs as a direct result of work duties, the employee needs to notify his employer. Regardless of whether the employer was negligent or whether the employee makes mistakes, workers’ compensation benefits should be available. This is true whether you were hurt in an accident; whether you suffered a repetitive stress injury; or whether you got sick because you were exposed to chemicals or toxins on the job.

The benefits that you are provided through workers’ compensation should include:

  • Payment of all your medical bills and costs of treatment.
  • Temporary disability benefits if you can’t work for a period of time or if you are put on restricted duty.
  • Permanent disability benefits if you have reached maximum medical improvement and still cannot return to the job you had before your injuries.
  • Death benefits if the work injury resulted in a death

If an employer or insurer denies your claim, refuses to pay benefits you need or tries to force you back to work before you are ready, call a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene for help.

A Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

Workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy system for injured workers in Florida. This means that after an on-the-job injury, you are not allowed to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against your employer. Your only option for obtaining benefits and coverage for your losses is to make a work injury claim.

While an attorney can help you to determine if there are any non-employers you can sue for damages, most workers must turn to their employers and insurers to pay their medical bills and provide support if they can’t work. This means the stakes are very high when claims are denied or when employers try to force you to accept less in benefits than you deserve.

To ensure your rights are protected, you should avoid signing forms or paperwork until you’ve talked to a lawyer and understand your rights. Contacting a Florida workers’ compensation attorney can be the best way to protect your eligibility for work injury benefits, especially in situations were you experienced an illness or repetitive stress injury and it is harder to prove the connection to your job.

At Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, we’ve handled many work injury cases including complex claims and contentious benefits disputes. Give us a call at one of our offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, Fort MyersOrlando, Okeechobee or contact us online today to learn more about how we can help you after your work injury.

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