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  • 30 March, 2015

    Asleep at the Wheel on a Busy Highway

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    SAN DIEGO, Cal – Motorists on a busy California highway were treated to an extremely rare site early Friday morning, March 27. A vehicle was at a dead stop in the middle of the freeway with no apparent involvement in a collision or car trouble. California Highway Patrol responded to the vehicle and a passerby stopped and found the driver inside to be unresponsive.…

  • 27 March, 2015

    Child Drowns in Neighbor’s Pool

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    RAMONA, Cal – A child has drowned in a horrible accident in the Ramona section of San Diego County. A 4-year-old boy wandered into a neighbor’s backyard and into the swimming pool. The boy ultimately drowned according to the local sheriff’s department. It is not immediately clear why the boy was on his own or how he ended up in the swimming pool.…

  • 25 March, 2015

    Warm Weather Means Increase in Dog Bites

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    No one can deny that Miami has seen its share of odd weather right along with the rest of the country this winter. As residents shake off the cool weather and move outdoors, dogs do the same. Studies have shown that dog bites occur more often in warm weather months than they do when the weather cools down.…

  • 23 March, 2015

    Boat Crash Injures Two

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    MIAMI, Fla – Two people were injured in a boat crash Friday afternoon on the MacArthur Causeway according to the United States Coast Guard. A man and a woman were injured when the boat they were riding in hit a seawall on the causeway. Upon arriving on the scene, Coast Guard and EMS responders found the couple to be unconscious due to the impact.…

  • 20 March, 2015

    Crashed Boat Removed from Ft. Lauderdale Beach

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    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Late Friday night was a harrowing one for four fisherman in Fort Lauderdale. The boat they were riding in crashed and ran aground just off of Fort Lauderdale beach. Spending the day on a commercial crabbing expedition was something of an ordinary adventure for the men, but running aground was not. The Joyce Lynn II could be seen breaking apart as the tide went out Saturday morning.…

  • 19 March, 2015

    Baseball Bat Attack in San Diego

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    SAN DIEGO, Cal. – An assault involving a baseball bat and a gun ended with shots fired, and a person with a gravely-serious wound. What can only be called a brutal attack occurred in City Heights early Sunday morning. Officers were dispatched to Central Avenue shortly after 2:30 a.m., just one block south of University Avenue.…

  • 18 March, 2015

    Miami Beach Centennial Celebration

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    It was March 26, 1915 when the city of Miami Beach was first incorporated. The commemoration will take place in the form of a 100 hour-long party set to begin on March 22, 2015. Participants will be treated to entertainment from Andrea Bocelli, Barry Gibb, Gloria Estephan, Wyclef Jean, and Flo Rida; a line-up that will appeal to the tastes of just about everyone!…

  • 17 March, 2015

    MADD Encourages Everyone to Have a Safe Spring Break

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    Get ready Floridians – spring break revelers are about to descend on the state by the thousands. Many of the partiers will be underage high school and college students trying to have a good time with friends. Unfortunately, that good time often includes alcohol. According to MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, underage consumption of alcohol is not only illegal, it is dangerous.…

  • 16 March, 2015
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    SIG Family Supports Team Lawson!

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    Christina McDonald holds a demanding position as a paralegal at Steinger, Iscoe, and Greene. In addition to her career, McDonald is mother to six year-old Lawson, a beautiful boy with a warm and engaging spirit, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) a few years ago.  In response to the diagnosis, Christina made a decision to form Team Lawson and work with Autism Speaks to raise awareness and money for ASD research to ensure “…no other family has to hear the words, ‘your child has Autism’…” Ms.…

  • 13 March, 2015

    Father and Infant Struck in Crosswalk

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    SAN DIEGO, Cal. – Last Monday was a beautiful day for a walk in San Diego. It only made sense that a family visiting from Illinois would take advantage of the weather. Unfortunately, what transpired was nothing less than tragic. Around 6:25 a.m., the man, in his mid-30s, was pushing his infant in a stroller. The mother was walking with the pair.…