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  • 28 August, 2015

    Couple Abuses Cousin for Five Years

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    PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – It is hard for most people to imagine being abused by those that they love and trust. Sadly, this is what happened to a teenage girl in Port St. Lucie. The girl who has not been named due to her juvenile status at the time of the abuse, moved in with Rob and Marie Johnson when she was just 13.…

  • 26 August, 2015

    Securing Your Pet in the Car Safely

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    According to research, approximately 30,000 car crashes each year are caused by unrestrained pets. It is not unusual to drive down the road and see a dog happily bouncing around the backseat of the vehicle in front of you. No one can deny the cute factor, but few consider the danger factor. The American Automobile Association took a survey of dog owners.…

  • 25 August, 2015

    Florida Boating Accident FAQ

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    What is a boating accident? A collision, accident, or casualty involving a vessel, in or upon, or entering into or exiting from the water, includes capsizing, collision with another vessel or object, sinking, personal injury, death or disappearance of any person from on board under circumstances which indicate the possibility of death or injury or property damage to any vessel or dock.…

  • 24 August, 2015

    Florida Students Injured in Cuba

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    MIAMI, FLA – An international vacation should be exciting. Visiting family is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. Unfortunately for a pair of travelers, plans changed drastically after a car accident left one of them stranded. Barbara Jimenez and her boyfriend, John Fox, were in Cuba visiting the woman’s parents. While in the country, the two were involved in a car accident.…

  • 24 August, 2015

    West Palm Beach Officer Involved in Crash

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    WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Seeing police officers respond to an accident is not something new for most people. Witnessing an officer being involved in a crash is a bit more unusual. That is exactly what happened last Tuesday afternoon when a West Palm Beach officer was involved in a crash. The two-car crash happened at the intersection of South Dixie Highway and Southern Boulevard.…

  • 21 August, 2015

    Teenagers Involved in Fort Lauderdale Boat Crash

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    FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – A group of young people headed out on the water for a night of fun Thursday night. Sadly for the teens and their families, the night did not go as planned. As the trip commenced, the boat struck a bridge, killing one and leaving five injured. Three of the teens who were hurt had critical injuries.…

  • 19 August, 2015

    Make Commuting to Work Easy

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    It’s time to leave for work. You grab your keys, head to the garage, and make a move to jump in the car. But wait! Your bicycle is virtually calling to you from its place on the wall. Why don’t you ride your bike to work? Chances are, if you are like thousands of others, you have excuses bouncing around in your head.…

  • 17 August, 2015

    PSL Police Warning Citizens of Kidnapping Scam

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    PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – Police in the city are asking residents to stay aware of a scam that is happening in the local area. Imagine being at home and receiving a phone call telling you that your child has been kidnapped. That is what happened to a Port St. Lucie woman last week. Police Officers responded to PNC Bank on Thursday.…

  • 14 August, 2015

    Five Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Swim

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    If you have a child and are wondering whether or not they should learn how to swim, the answer is this: Yes! There are endless benefits to swimming, not the least of which is your child’s safety. Here are five reasons why it pays for your child to know how to swim. Safety The first reason is undoubtedly safety.…

  • 12 August, 2015

    How to Survive a Car Accident

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    You have read about shark attacks in the news recently. You have listened to news reports about horrific plane crashes. While these things are certainly newsworthy, they are rarities and it is statistically improbable that you will be involved in anything so dramatic. In fact, car crashes are the leading cause of non-natural deaths in America.…