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  • 17 September, 2014

    Child Passenger Safety Week

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    It is that time of year again! Child Passenger Safety Week began on Sunday September 14th and runs through Saturday September 20th. We all know it is extremely important to ensure children are properly secured in restraints, but why is it so important? Why do federal and state governments place so much emphasis on appropriate restraints?…

  • 17 September, 2014
    Crashed moto 2

    Dangerous Week for Two-Wheeled Transportation

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    As the weather becomes milder, motorcycle and scooter riders are taking advantage of the beautiful conditions and enjoying the cooler air as they ride on the highways and byways. Unfortunately, there continue to be numerous accidents  involving these vehicles with little respite in site. Those involved in these collisions sustain injuries ranging from severe and serious with many of the victims dying as a result of their injuries.…

  • 16 September, 2014
    Miami Family Event

    Miami Family Event Wellness & Lifestyle Expo 2014

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    At the end of a long work week, you are probably thinking about what to do with your family to celebrate the weekend. Join the Steinger, Iscoe & Greene family at the Miami Family Event Wellness & Lifestyle Expo. This annual event, which couples health and wellness initiatives with community outreach, had greater than 190 sponsors and thousands of visitors in 2013 and expectations are that it will surpass that this year.…

  • 16 September, 2014

    Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Fund School Mascot

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    Students wanted a basketball court worthy of their team—and got it PALM BEACH, FL – STUDENTS at Carver Middle School are getting a brand new gym floor with their mascot emblazoned on it, thanks to the support of law firm Steinger, Iscoe & Greene and other local businesses. The turn of events began during an annual fundraiser, according to the Sun-Sentinel (retrieved 09.12.2014).…

  • 15 September, 2014
    Garon RR

    Plan to Beat Breathalyzer Fails: Ends With 17 Year Prison Sentence

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    In December, 2012, Tracy Garon got drunk, got behind the wheel of his 1973 Rolls Royce and ran a red light. He collided with an 81-year old couple on their way to Walmart, killing the husband instantly.  When the police arrived, Garon was placed curbside and as law enforcement investigated the scene. There was a Circle K convenience store located near the scene.…

  • 12 September, 2014
    hit and run

    Man Pleads Guilty in Hit-and-Run Death of Homeless Victim

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    Hector Hoyt, the former San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) employee who hit and killed a homeless man earlier this year, has changed his plea to guilty. Hoyt, who was off duty when he hit 54 year-old Robert Fisher, was driving his company issued truck at the time. He is said to have panicked and left the scene.…

  • 9 September, 2014
    01 Security Picture

    Innovative Safety Tips from Our Family to Yours

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    Forbes writer Joseph Steinberg penned an article addressing various safety tips we can all use to make our worlds a bit safer. Sure, we have all heard that before, but these tips are definitely different than many of the conventional tips we have seen. They seem almost innovative, if you can classify safety tips in that way.…

  • 8 September, 2014
    Jack Aube's defense is based on 'stand your ground law'.

    Self Defense Plea for Hit-and-Run Case

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    Jack Aube’s defense is based on ‘stand your ground’ law In an interesting turn of events, a man sought as a hit-and-run suspect has turned himself in to police, and through his attorney, is claiming a plea of not guilty based on Florida Statute 776.013 – otherwise known as the Stand Your Ground Law. Background of the Case Jack Aube and a friend were at Silks Nightclub in Palm Harbor on Friday night.…

  • 5 September, 2014
    Line of teachers getting supplies

    Free School Supplies? Fundraising Success for Palm Beach School Teachers

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    As this school year approached, stories abounded about the extra spending of grade school teachers who routinely have taken money out of their own pockets to make basic purchases for their classrooms. One heartwarming example of the community paying it back is described here by Elizabeth Hamma, Market Manager for Palm Beach Broadcasting, about their recent fundraising success providing area school teachers with some much-needed, and appreciated, free classroom supplies.…

  • 2 September, 2014

    Steinger Iscoe and Greene say “Forced” C-Section Has No Legal Standing

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    Attorney Michael Steinger says hospitals have no legal ground to threaten mothers with litigation. FORT MYERS – PROTESTERS took to the streets to support a woman who says she was forced to give birth via C-section. Medical malpractice attorney Michael Steinger of Steinger, Iscoe & Greene says no medical provider has a right to force a patient’s hand in choosing a procedure.…