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  • 1 July, 2015

    Trial Begins for Man Accused of Vehicular Homicide

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    On April 13, 2013, a car accident changed the lives of everyone involved. Five lives were taken and a young man stands accused of vehicular homicide. Last week, the trial for Jabari Kemp began. He is answering to his involvement in a crash that killed five people. The facts of the case began to unfold for a jury who could begin deciding very soon if Kemp, 23, drove in such a way that he should be held criminally responsible for five deaths.…

  • 29 June, 2015

    Search for Missing Olympian Called Off

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    It is being called a nautical mystery. Olympic sailor Trevor Moore was not aboard his boat when it was found off of Dinner Key last Thursday. The boat was tangled in mooring lines, the engine was idling, but Moore was not with the vessel. Where he is remains a mystery as the Coast Guard halts the search.…

  • 26 June, 2015

    Miami Lakes Mayor Veers Into Tree

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    MIAMI LAKES, Fla. – Just last week, Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi was in an automobile accident involving only his vehicle and a tree. The accident has come on the heels of his acquittal stemming from charges that he accepted illegal donations. In August 2013, the mayor was arrested on federal charges of accepting illegal donations that totaled over $6,000.…

  • 24 June, 2015

    Man Found in Possession of Lewd Photographs

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    Imagine, as a woman, going shopping and turning to find a man following closely behind you, crouched down, with a cellphone in his hand. That is what happened to a woman at Valley Thrift Store in Escondido on June 13. Police arrived on scene and questioned the suspect only to find that he had taken several pictures of women in the thrift store who were wearing skirts.…

  • 22 June, 2015

    Wrong-Way Driver on Interstate 15

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    An early morning accident on Saturday near Fallbrook left two drivers dead. The crash occurred on Interstate 15 shortly before three in the morning just one mile south of Gopher Canyon Road. Minutes before the accident, California Highway Patrol began receiving emergency calls regarding a white Honda Civic driving the wrong way down the highway. The Civic was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of I15.…

  • 17 June, 2015

    Man Accused of Child Molestation

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    Brandon Harris, 21, of Fort Lauderdale, stands accused of molesting a girl while he was sharing a bed with the child and her brother. Harris will answer to charges of lewd and lascivious conduct and lewd and lascivious molestation of a child. According to police reports, the brother was sleeping on the outside of the bed, the female child was in the middle, and Harris lay on the side nearest the wall.…

  • 15 June, 2015

    Strong Police Presence on San Diego Beaches

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    If you live in San Diego, chances are you are looking forward to spending a fun summer on the shores of the ocean. Unfortunately, many people forgo the beach out of concern for their safety. San Diego police officers aim to ease that fear this summer as they take to the beaches with body cameras for the first time.…

  • 12 June, 2015

    Bike-Share Program Unveiled in West Palm Beach

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    If you are a commuter, you know what a headache West Palm Beach traffic can be. Local leaders encourage people to utilize alternate forms of transportation, but what if the bus isn’t convenient for you, and what if you don’t have a bike? Anyone who wants to commute in a way that is eco-friendly or those who simply want to pedal around town for the afternoon now have a new option.…

  • 10 June, 2015

    Town and Vendor May Be Sued Over Bounce House Incident

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    Local attorney Brian Greenwald sent notice of a claim to Fort Lauderdale Mayor John Seiler last Thursday regarding possible legal action against both the city and a bounce house vendor. The claim stems from a Memorial Day incident in which a waterspout sent a bounce house tumbling across a city beach. In that incident, a five-year-old girl sustained “physical injuries to her left wrist, as well as emotional distress.” The claim goes on to say, “Due to the setup of the bounce house itself, the lack of the requisite level of supervision at the bounce house’s location, as well as the inclement weather conditions…the City of Fort Lauderdale acted with gross negligence.…

  • 8 June, 2015

    Man in Hot Water After Hosting Party for Son

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    SAN DIEGO, Cal. – Police responded to an “end of school” party Friday night involving over 100 students from several local high schools. Revelers were taking up camp at a ranch in Tijuana River Valley, partying with alcohol and ecstasy. Four underage partygoers were rushed to nearby hospitals due to dangerous levels of intoxication. Officers responded to the ranch upon receiving complaints from neighbors.…