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Day Care Victims Have Options After Hit-and-Run

We’ve written in the past about drivers crashing into post offices. Vehicles striking buildings are surprisingly common, but in most cases it’s either late at night when no one is inside or the bulk of the building stops the vehicle so that no one inside is hurt. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened when a car struck a day care center near Orlando. One girl was killed and a dozen children were injured in the crash. The day care center was operating normally when an SUV slammed into a car outside. The car flew forward from the impact, passing completely through the wall and into the building. A total of 14 people were injured. Police have not released many details of … Continue reading

San Diego School Bus Crash Kills 10

There’s nothing that a parent fears more than an accident involving a child. Unfortunately, those fears became all too real April 11 when a bus crash killed five adults and five high schoolers, two of them from San Diego. The teens were returning from a visit to a college, an experience that should have been joyful and focused on a bright future. Instead, it was cut short by an accident with a runaway semi truck. The truck was heading the opposite direction as the school bus when it reportedly strayed into oncoming traffic, clipping one car before slamming into the school bus at high speed. A survivor says it was a UPS truck. There is no clear reason why the … Continue reading

Understanding Florida’s New Child Sex Predator Laws

Earlier in April, thanks to the tireless efforts of parents and activists, Governor Rick Scott signed four new bills into law that aim to crack down on child sex predators. While the new laws have gotten a lot of press, there’s very little discussion of what changes they actually make—or how they affect families and communities. So how do the new sex offender laws work? The changes they make are small, but important. They fall into four main categories: Fewer loopholes: Our justice system is designed not to convict innocent parties, which is a good thing. However, that means we have a lot of protections against unfair convictions—and occasionally, criminals can use those protections to get away scot-free. The new … Continue reading

GM’s Power Steering Recall Comes on Heels of Ignition Woes

Last week we wrote about General Motors’ recall of more than 2 million cars in the U.S., and its questionable “key ring” solution for customers awaiting repairs. As it turns out, GM’s safety issues don’t stop there. GM announced a new recall in addition to the first one. Another 1.3 million U.S. cars are affected, meaning up to 3.5 million GM customers have been driving unsafe cars in the United States alone. That’s not a great track record. To be clear, the two recalls relate to totally different problems. The earlier recall, announced at the beginning of 2014, was due to faulty ignition switches installed in many GM cars from the past decade. The switches were “loose,” and under the right conditions … Continue reading

Friends Rally to Raise Funds for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Friends, family and even complete strangers have touched the lives of two California motorcycle accident victims, launching a fundraiser to help the couple pay for their recovery. John So and Anna Huynh were riding together March 22 on a motorcycle in Lakeside, California, when they crashed. Authorities have been very close-mouthed about the details of the accident, not giving a specific cause, but it does not appear that any other vehicles were involved in the accident. Neither drugs nor alcohol seem to have been a factor. Motorcyclists can easily lose control given unexpected debris in the road or slippery spots, and with State Route 67’s speed limit of 55 mph any accident on a motorcycle would be serious. Both So … Continue reading

Faulty Switches Subject of GM Recall Still Found in Parts Aftermarket

In our quest to remain a constant source of information and legal aid for the community, we have been following the ignition switch malfunction that has GM recalling 1.6 million vehicles as stated by a victim’s family this morning on NBC’s Today Show. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is conducting an investigation into why the switch would turn motors off and keep air bags from deploying, which have been life-threatening and lethal factors in at least 12 accidents cited thus far. According to Reuters, attention has been turned to the aftermarket – repair shops, parts dealers – where faulty switches are likely to still be in rotation. Concerns are exacerbated by the fact that the older, defective part … Continue reading

GM’s Ignition Problem Leaves Drivers Feeling Insecure

As defective product lawyers, at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene we’ve seen a lot of questionable claims by large manufacturers. But usually once a company is outed for producing a dangerous product—like carmaker GM was last month—they straighten out, trying to minimize the PR blowback by doing everything possible to fix the problem. Sadly, that’s definitely not the approach GM has taken. Instead, the auto manufacturer has offered customers a questionable stopgap solution until the faulty cars can be fixed. And that has more than a few GM customers fearing for their lives. The problem that came to light earlier this year—actually, 10 years ago—is a malfunctioning ignition switch. The switch can unintentionally turn the car off while it’s being driven, … Continue reading

Skydive Accident Claims the Life of NASCAR Driver’s Brother

Jordan Janway, the brother-in-law of NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, has died following a mid-air skydiving collision. According to NBC, Janway was practicing a maneuver called ‘tracking’ while training Skydive San Diego Employees when the collision happened. Because of Janway’s level of experience, he wasn’t required to jump with a chip – a device that deploys the parachute in the event a skydiver is falling too fast. Apparently, Janway’s was undergoing maintenance at the time of the jump. It is unclear if that would have saved his life. Our thoughts are with the Janway and Johnson families as they mourn the loss of Jordan. A tragic loss like this one, reminds us how important safety precautions are when participating in extreme … Continue reading

How To Choose (and Use) a Child Safety Seat

Last week we wrote about a tragic accident with a silver lining, when a child safety seat saved the life of a baby in the back seat. The proper use of a child safety seat frequently saves lives or reduces the severity of injuries to the most vulnerable passengers: young children. However, even a safety seat will not make a difference if it isn’t used correctly—or if it’s the wrong kind for your child. Here are tips on choosing and using the right child safety seat. 1. Choose an age-appropriate seat: Not all child car seats are meant for the same age group. Generally there are different seat designs for infants, toddlers, and older children, sometimes dividing older children into two … Continue reading

School Bus Accident In Greenacres Warns of Busy Morning Rush

The morning commute is a busy time for our roadways here in South Florida. Even with the best road conditions, accidents are unfortunately apart of those few hours after dawn – congested intersections, a larger pedestrian presence and hurried drivers can all be factors. A collision involving a school bus and another vehicle, just before 8 am, brought 57th Avenue in Greenacres to a stop for at least an hour. Two of eleven children traveling on the bus were taken to an area hospital without major injuries, while a third child who was in the involved SUV , was flown by Trauma Hawk to Delray Medical Center. According to officials, the bus sustained minor back-end damage, while the SUV had … Continue reading