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Steinger, Iscoe & Greene is a Florida personal injury law firm that represents individuals and families who have been the victims of child sexual abuse. Our child sexual abuse attorneys help give victims a voice in civil court in order to get victims every possible resource for healing and recovery. Few victims and their families realize that separate from criminal law, civil litigation seeks to award the victim compensation for their injury and trauma. In many cases we have been able to recover much-needed funds for children and their families to cover ongoing therapy and counseling. Childhood sexual abuse is a terrible tragedy that can have a long-lasting impact on the victim. Often, children are reluctant to discuss the abuse and may not tell anyone immediately. Many families are unaware that there is compensation available to them in these horrific instances, and wrongly believe that their only option for taking action is to file criminal charges against the aggressor. In reality, the damage of child sexual abuse is bigger than just putting the guilty behind bars – what about the future and life of the victims? That is why we are here, to find available coverage to cover the cost of healing and recovery. Child sexual abuse lawsuits give abuse victims the right to make a claim for damages against an organization or entity that tragically allowed abuse, that looked the other way, or that put an abuser in a position to do wrong. Contact the dedicated child sexual abuse attorneys at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene today. We are here to help and address any questions you have.

What You Need to Know

The effects of child sexual abuse can be traumatic and those who are victims may experience the lasting impact of the abuse not only through childhood but also into adulthood. It is not uncommon for victims of child sexual abuse to:

  • Require ongoing therapy to deal with their issues
  • Suffer from insomnia or depression
  • Exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Develop addictions, including an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling
  • Block the trauma from their memories
  • Act out in aggressive ways
  • Experience ongoing trust issues

  These are just some of the many ways that child sexual abuse can impact a person, even into adulthood. Many of these lasting consequences of abuse have a serious impact on the victim’s quality of life or ability to earn a living. In some cases, the victim will even incur significant financial expenses for ongoing therapy or addiction counseling. This has a real financial cost to the victim, in addition to the emotional cost. Child sexual abuse victims should not be made to bear the financial losses of their injuries. Child sexual abuse victims also should not go uncompensated for the emotional scars they bear. When a person is hurt in a car accident or in a slip-and-fall, that individual sues in order to recover damages to “make the plaintiff whole.” The same premise behind these types of personal injury lawsuits also extends to child sexual abuse lawsuits, even if there are no lasting physical scars and even if the child who was the victim of the sexual abuse is now a grown-up. The organizations that allowed the abuse or turned a blind eye should be held responsible to make the abuse victim whole. At Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, our child sexual abuse attorneys understand how sensitive the issue of abuse can be and we understand how difficult it can be for a victim to deal with the aftereffects of the abuse, even many years after the abuse has ended. We are sensitive to your feelings and to the high emotions involved in these types of cases and we will work with you and empower you to stand up and get the compensation you deserve.

How Much Can Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Get You?

Compensation in child sexual abuse cases can vary depending upon the specifics of the case. In many instances, however, juries recognize the lasting damage that abusers cause to their victims and award generous damages to abuse victims in court. Abuse victims and the organization that facilitated their abuse may also come to an out-of-court settlement negotiated with the help of an experienced child sexual abuse attorney. If you believe you have a claim for child sexual abuse and you want to learn more about the available damages or about your legal rights, contact our caring child sexual abuse attorneys today online to find out how we can help.

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