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Florida Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bike AccidentsIf you or a loved one was injured or killed in a bicycle accident in Florida, you may be able to obtain compensation from the driver responsible for the collision. Steinger, Iscoe & Greene is here to help you pursue a claim for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress or wrongful death.

Bicycle accidents are often very serious collisions, and riders are more likely to be killed or permanently injured than those in passenger vehicles. It is essential that those involved in a collision understand their rights and pursue a damage claim so they do not end up with huge financial losses in addition to the physical pain or grief that the accident causes. The Florida bicycle accident lawyers at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene will represent your rights and help negotiate an out-of-court settlement or present your case in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Bicyclists at Risk in Florida

On average, there are 113 bicycle riders killed each year in Florida. An estimated 21.7 bicycle riders die for every 10,000 bike commuters in the state, and Florida accounts for 17 percent of annual bike deaths. This makes Florida one of the most dangerous states for bicyclists.

Bicycle riders are often killed because drivers fail to share the road safely. Common causes of bicycle accidents include:

  • Drivers failing to yield
  • Drivers operating their vehicles recklessly or speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Drivers losing control of their vehicles
  • Drivers encroaching on bicycle lanes
  • Drivers engaging in unsafe passing behavior
  • Drivers opening up their doors in the path of a bicycle rider
  • Distracted driving

In these and many other situations, the collision could have been prevented if the driver of a car, truck or SUV had been more careful and respected the rights of the bicycle rider.

Bike riders injured because of the negligence or carelessness of a driver may pursue a claim for compensation for bike accident losses.

Compensation for Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists should be fully compensated for both financial and non-economic losses that their bike collision causes. It is up to bike riders to take legal action and to pursue their damage claim. Bicyclists or their surviving family members will need to prove that a violation of safety rules or driver negligence was the direct cause of their accident in order to make a successful bike accident case.

In some situations, bicycle riders may be partly to blame for their collision. These riders can still obtain compensation under Florida’s pure comparative fault rules. Monetary damages will be reduced based on the percentage of blame that is assigned to the bicycle rider.

Contact an Experienced Florida Bike Accident Lawyer

Bicycle riders should not be left with huge bills for their injuries, and the law in Florida ensures that this doesn’t happen. The driver who causes the crash must cover losses. Steinger, Iscoe & Greene will help those harmed in bike accidents to protect their rights and get the money they need. Call or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, Fort MyersOrlando, Okeechobee and to learn more about how we can help with your bike accident claim.

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