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Justin Bieber Flees Accident Scene

  • July 10, 2014
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Attorney Michael Steinger says the singer didn’t break any laws, but should have stayed.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – ONE of Justin Bieber’s vehicles was involved in an accident last week, and the singer reportedly fled the scene. Since he was not driving, attorney Michael Steinger of Steinger, Iscoe and Greene says he didn’t break the law but showed poor form.


An Escalade from Bieber’s entourage was allegedly speeding away from a paparazzo’s vehicle when it collided with a BMW, according to the New York Daily News (retrieved 06.30.2014). Police could only confirm that Bieber wasn’t driving, and didn’t say whether he was in the vehicle—but a report from TMZ (retrieved 06.30.2014) says witnesses saw him get out, switch to another vehicle, and speed away.


“Technically there’s no law preventing a passenger or witness from leaving an accident scene,” Steinger said. “But it shows a tremendous disrespect and, more importantly, it robs the police of another eyewitness account.”


Steinger said that the driver of the BMW has a right to compensation from insurance for his injuries, and that the fight to get that compensation is harder with less witnesses.


“There would have been no bad consequences to Bieber for staying and giving a statement,” he said. “The only consequence would be helping another human being.”


Bieber has not given any public comment on the incident.


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