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SDSU Fireworks Mishap

For decades, the San Diego State University homecoming game has been synonymous with the sheer spectacular that is the Sky Show pyrotechnic display. Set to music, fireworks are set off in a dazzling display designed to wow the audience. This year, however, a mishap with the fireworks sent one of the rockets sideways – directly into the audience – hitting an 11-year-old attendee.

“It looked like it malfunctioned because there were three that went off at the same time and two of them went up and one went sideways towards the stands, so it looked weird,” said witness Jonathan Marshall.

The young man was treated by medical personnel at the scene and his parents were told to follow up with their family doctor. He is said to have suffered first and second degree burns on his forearm and torso and is expected to make a full recovery. There is no doubt, however, that this event will replay in his mind and his parent’s minds for a long time to come.

Pyro-Spectaculars, the 90-year-old company that put on the show has many notable pyrotechnic shows under its belt, including the Macy’s Fourth of July Spectacular in New York, the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Greece, and numerous Super Bowl Shows. Unfortunately, they are also said to have endured a few mishaps:

1996 – An employee died when the company’s manufacturing plant exploded 2002 – Two technicians injured when a firework exploded at eye-level 2003 – A fireworks stand slipped during an Oakland A’s game sending fireworks into the second and third levels 2008 – Cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration when an employee was injured while working with fireworks in a sealed room 2010 – Four spectators injured when a firework ricocheted off a building and into the crowd

Even with the accidents that happen at public firework displays, the

Los Angeles Dodgers Partially Responsible for $18M Verdict in Beating of Fan

Baseball fans love the arrival of spring; going to the game, sitting in the stands, cheering on your favorite team, enjoying hot dogs and popcorn

Bryan Stow – Beating Victim

and the general camaraderie of others who share your passion. For many, there is no better way to spend a spring afternoon. That was the case for Bryan Stow, Louie Sanchez, and Marvin Norwood; three men whose lives were forever changed after the March 31, 2011 game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, wore his jersey to show support for his team. It has been reported that throughout the game Stow had several drinks. It was also reported that there was a verbal altercation with Sanchez and Norwood – Los Angeles Dodgers fans. The game ended, and as the men were leaving the stadium, the verbal interchange escalated to a physical fight in the parking lot where Sanchez and Norwood were witnessed punching and kicking Stow while he was on the ground. Stow, a former paramedic, spent the next two years in the hospital and was left with brain damage.

Initially, Stow sought $37.5M to cover costs associated with lifetime care and lost earnings. The jury deliberated for nine days and handed down the $18M verdict to be split amongst attackers Sanchez and Norwood and the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. Sanchez and Norwood – both currently serving prison terms for the assault – are each responsible for 37.5 percent for administering the beating and the LA Dodgers organization responsible for 25 percent for their failure to provide adequate security in the parking lot.

It was presented during the trial that the team allotted approximately 62 cents per person for security for the opening day game against the rival teams. Attorneys for the stadium also argued that Stow contributed to his own demise because he was drinking and registered .18 on

Navy SEAL Death Raises Training Safety Questions

Accident attorney Michael Steinger says the family deserves answers

CORONADO, CA – A Navy SEAL was killed in a parachuting accident during training last week. San Diego accident attorney Michael Steinger says that even in military accidents, victims and their families have rights.

Chief Special Warfare Operator Bradley Cavner had been a SEAL commando for nearly 10 years according to San Diego 6 News (retrieved 06.30.2014). He died during a training exercise in El Centro, although the Navy has not offered many details.

All military personnel accept a high level of risk, Steinger said, but when a death or injury is caused by an accident rather than enemy fire then they have legal protections like any other accident victim.

“I am 100% certain that the Navy does everything it can to keep its sailors safe during training,” said Steinger, founder of the Steinger, Iscoe & Greene law firm. “But fatal accidents don’t happen unless someone overlooks something big.”

Steinger says that the cause of an accident matters, not just to give the family closure but also to help with their legal options.

“Like any other on the job tragedy, the family of a service member is entitled to compensation,” he said. “That can never change what happened, but it can help the family with the financial burdens that come with the loss of a loved one.”

Cavner held a bronze star and numerous other medals from combat duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

About Steinger, Iscoe & Greene:

Steinger, Iscoe & Greene is a proven legal team whose number one goal is to get injury victims throughout Florida and California every dollar they truly deserve for their injuries. Since 1997, the firm’s lawyers have successfully handled cases including: auto accidents, bicycle accidents, birth injuries and medical malpractice. The entire legal team is committed to representing and fighting for injury victims’ best interests, giving each client insight into Florida and California

Window Screen Gives Way in San Diego Youngster’s Death

Summer is here and that means open windows to catch cool breezes. But if you are the parent, guardian or babysitter of a small child, those windows can also be a source of tragedy.

This became all too clear in San Diego last week for a family whose 11-month-old died. The little girl fell from a third-floor window of her family’s house, and although she was rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

This isn’t the kind of case we usually see in the news. The child wasn’t doing anything seemingly dangerous and the parents were not guilty of any wrongdoing. It’s an accident in the truest sense of the word—but it was, nonetheless, preventable.

When the accident happened, the little girl was playing in her bedroom, on her bed, with her father in the next room. But she either pushed against or fell onto the screen of her window, and her weight ripped it from the frame, sending her falling to the ground below. The father and first responders attempted CPR until she could be life-flighted to the hospital, but it was too late.

Sadly, this is not the only such fall that will happen this summer. Every major hospital sees dozens of such victims rushed into their emergency room each year. Most children fall from a second-floor window, since two-story houses are common. Although the majority survive—last week’s incident was the first reported fatality this year—a two-floor fall is a terribly long drop for a toddler or baby. Often, it causes brain injuries that can be lifelong.

Virtually all window manufacturers put warnings on their screen windows that they are not to be leaned against and that they can pose a safety risk. Clearly, even an 11-month-old has enough weight to break through a screen.

Parents can protect their children. The simplest way is, of course, to simply not leave windows open—and to keep them

Hit and Run Kills Florida Bicyclist

Riding a bicycle instead of driving a car is good for your health, your budget and the environment—but it turned fatal for one Fort Lauderdale cyclist. 52 year old Daniel Mocker was killed by a hit and run driver, even though he was following all cycling laws.

The accident happened in the evening on Federal Highway. Witnesses say that Mocker was in a designated bike lane, which vehicle traffic is not supposed to enter. That apparently didn’t stop Andrew Goldman, 23, from veering over and hitting the cyclist. Mocker ended up on the hood of Goldman’s SUV, but Goldman didn’t stop. Eventually Mocker fell off into the roadway, and was declared dead at the scene by first responders.

Goldman’s father has defended his actions, saying that he was in shock but quickly pulled over. He also says that Mocker was the one who veered out into traffic, taking Goldman by surprise. But police say both of these claims have been contradicted by eyewitnesses.

According to police reports, Goldman didn’t even slow down. Another driver who saw the accident decided to follow him to make sure he didn’t get away. That driver didn’t take any vigilante action, but simply called police and stayed on Goldman’s tail until he could be apprehended. He then helped identify Goldman as the one responsible for the fatal accident. Police say they are now investigating whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident.

For those of us who enjoy bicycling, this is a grim reminder of the dangers of traffic. Often, when a car hits a bike the media blames the cyclist—perhaps they weren’t wearing a helmet or didn’t use lights. But Mocker appears to have been doing everything correct in this case. The truth is that bicycles are just much more vulnerable than cars and trucks, and it takes careful driving—not just careful cycling—to prevent deaths.

Daniel Mocket moved to Florida 20

Lover Is Left on Roadside, Hit By Car

We’ve all had quarrels with partners, lovers or a spouse. And sometimes those quarrels end up with one person getting out of the car and walking home. But sadly, that long walk turned deadly for one Florida man.

In this particular case, a complicated love triangle led up to a fight that left Darrell Fitzwater of New Smyrna Beach stranded. Darrell was driving with his girlfriend, Donna Lynam, early in the morning several weeks ago. However, Lynam was still married to someone else—and neither of the two knew that her husband had apparently hidden himself in the back of their van that morning.

From the information released by police, it’s unclear whether the Lynams were still together as a couple or not. At least one neighbor says he hadn’t seen Donald Lynam in some time, indicating they may have been estranged.

But estranged or not, once they were underway Donald Lynam allegedly came out from the back of the van and attacked Fitzwater, putting everyone in the vehicle in danger. Fitzwater managed to pull over, and the altercation continued on the roadside. Eventually, police say Donald Lynam got his wife back in the van and pulled away, leaving Fitzwater behind.

In many cases that would be the end of an unfortunate, but at least not tragic story. Unfortunately things only got worse for Fitzwater. Alone on the side of State Road 44, he was struck by another car and killed—even as the Lynams were apparently calling 911 to report the dispute.

This is a terrible end to a domestic argument, and it also underscores just how dangerous major highways are to pedestrians. Every year, thousands of pedestrians are hit by cars in Florida. Those struck by a vehicle moving at 40 mph or more have little chance to survive.

Often, people are hit by cars during the most stressful times: after a car accident, during a roadside breakdown or after

Skydive Accident Claims the Life of NASCAR Driver’s Brother

Jordan Janway, the brother-in-law of NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, has died following a mid-air skydiving collision. According to NBC, Janway was practicing a maneuver called ‘tracking’ while training Skydive San Diego Employees when the collision happened.

Because of Janway’s level of experience, he wasn’t required to jump with a chip – a device that deploys the parachute in the event a skydiver is falling too fast. Apparently, Janway’s was undergoing maintenance at the time of the jump. It is unclear if that would have saved his life.

Our thoughts are with the Janway and Johnson families as they mourn the loss of Jordan. A tragic loss like this one, reminds us how important safety precautions are when participating in extreme sports. We realize accidents can still occur under the best of circumstances, even when protocols are followed. If you find yourself or a loved one involved in an accident and need help sorting out your rights, let our team at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene put a plan in place for recovering your deserved compensation. Call us at 1-800-560-5059 or fill out a free, no obligation consultation form.

Diver in Boynton Beach Brought Back To Life

An act of heroism brought a Boynton Beach diver back to life. According to reports, the man arrived back at the Explorer vessel unresponsive, where fellow diver Richard Henshaw, the boat’s captain and assistant captain, performed CPR. Even before Coast Guard and EMT arrived, the comrades were able to resuscitate the diver, reminding us how life-saving it is to never partake in water sports alone.

Even with proper precautions in place, such as dive flags and buoys that warn boats of scuba-divers’ location, mother nature can also be responsible for accidents like this one. Joseph Razzano, who watched the scenario play out, explained how rough waters and submerged rocks, especially when close to shore, can wreak havoc on a beautiful day of exploring the ocean.

As members of the South Florida community, we are always commending those first responders and are grateful for citizens that lend a hand, or breath, when accidents occur. The promise of beautiful spring days for recreational sports and fishing excursions is an exciting one, although we urge you to take caution and stay safe while traveling the waterways. Our team at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene is always available to answer questions about your rights in and on the water, and in the unfortunate event of an accident, help you navigate your way to due compensation. Call us at 1-800-560-5059 or fill out a free, no obligation consultation form online, anytime

Driver on Meth Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Operating a vehicle is a privilege and one that should be taken on with responsibility and defensive driving techniques. Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs proper judgement and reaction time that is necessary to be a safe driver. We are saddened to learn about accidents caused by operator negligence, especially when these bad decisions involve innocent passengers. Not only do drug or alcohol related crashes wreak havoc on victim’s families, they also carry heavy penalties.

Such is the case on Monday when Robbie Dean Gillespie, 45, of Rancho Bernardo, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, following a June accident that killed his 19-year-old passenger Evelyn Courtney. Gillespie and Courtney collided with a Poway Fire Truck shortly after 4 am, and Courtney perished at the scene. It’s also reported that Gillespie was arrested two days prior to the accident for having 1.8 grams of methamphetamine in a hotel room, but was released on bail.

The Judge on the case said Gillespie was a threat to society, and violated the trust of the victim.

We wish bad things never happened and will do anything we can to make the world a safer place for innocent victims like Evelyn Courtney. Our lawyers at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene defend and protect the rights of injury victims when so often the businesses who are meant to do so fall short, denying the much needed resource healing and recovery from an accident. Nothing will ever undo the travesty of catastrophic accidents, especially those involving loss of a loved one. We just hope that our firm can be there for those in need during some of life’s most trying times. Call us with any questions 1-800-560-5059 or fill out a free, no obligation consultation form online, anytime.

Drunk Driver Sentenced to 9 Years After Fatal Alpine Crash

We wish accidents never happened at all, but sadly they are apart of our lives. Heavy traffic and unfavorable weather conditions, which sometimes affect Southern California, can contribute to collisions. However some accidents might be avoided altogether, such as those involving drivers under the influence. Not only is it illegal to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, drinking and driving restricts vision and hearing, delaying reaction time. As a result, penalties for those under the influence while driving are heavy and can include hefty fines and long prison sentences. Not only are the negligent drivers involved, victims and their families are left to pick up the pieces.

Such is the case when Angela August, 25, and Jimmy Arevalo, 59, were tragically struck by a driver with a .15 percent blood-alcohol level, nearly double the legal limit. August’s vehicle became overturned after she lost control, scaled an embankment and rolled into the left lane of the highway. Arevalo pulled over at the scene to help and was speaking with CHP on his cell phone, when Sunny Hall, 31, ran into him and August’s car.

Hall was sentenced Monday to 9 years in state prison.

Our thoughts are with the victim’s families and wish we could take the pain of these losses away. We realize that nothing can undo the heartbreak of an accident like this one, but we do hope that our firm can be there when you need help the most. Our lawyers at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene defend and protect the rights of injury victims, shouldering some of the burden so that necessary healing and recovery can take place. Call us at 1-800-560-5059 or fill out a free, no obligation consultation form online, anytime.