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Powder Puff Girls Told They Can’t Play

A highly-anticipated football game in Jupiter, Florida has recently been canceled due to safety concerns, and a battle is brewing.

Parents raise their daughters telling them if it is good enough for boys, it is good enough for them. Girls are being raised to build with their hands, think with their brains and compete with the boys. But not when it comes to football. In Jupiter, that is.

For decades now, girls at Jupiter High School strap on pads and helmets and play their very own game of tackle football. The event is held as a fundraiser and lovingly known as the Powder Puff game. This year, the principal nixed the idea of a tackle game and told the girls they could play flag football instead.

Before you scream “sexism,” give Principal Dan Frank a chance to explain himself. It’s not because it is females who will be playing the sport, but the fact that they will only have one week of practice before the game. In addition, the girls wear pads that are designed for male athletes. The pads to not fit properly, nor do they offer adequate protection for the girls.

It makes sense that the principal of a school is worried about student safety, but not all in the community are buying into his reasoning. Parents of some of the girls are questioning what would happen if the principal canceled a boys’ football game. Most think that the situation would not be taken lightly.

The Powder Puff game is scheduled for May 6, but some are considering a boycott. As for the girls, they are considering a kickball game instead.

When it comes to girls playing sports, the principal may have a right to worry about injury, but not only because the girls want to play football. Women are injured playing sports on a regular basis. Here are some of the most common injuries that

A Look at Non-Economic, Economic and Punitive Damages

You were hurt in an accident and you want to file a lawsuit. You have talked to friends and family who all have different opinions on what you can expect to “win” in your court case. Unfortunately, unless these people have been through a personal injury lawsuit, or they have a legal background, they may not be giving you accurate information.

There is a great deal of misconception surrounding personal injury lawsuits. This is due, in part, to commercials featuring lawyers promising to win you millions if you only call their firm and provide the details of your case. In real life situations, million-dollar awards are rare.

The true story is this: In a personal injury case, there are three types of damages that you can be awarded. These are economic, non-economic and punitive. To be accurate, you can typically expect to be awarded economic and non-economic damages. Punitive damages are available only in rare circumstances. Here is a brief tutorial on the three.

Economic Damages

People who have been injured in an accident of some type may be awarded economic damages. These are compensation for the money that you have lost due to that accident. Let’s use the following as an example.

You are driving to work. You begin to make your way through an intersection when a car runs a red light and crashes into your vehicle. As a result of the accident, you are forced to pay money to repair your car. You are injured in the accident and have to pay for medical care. As a result of your injuries, you are out of work and lose several thousand dollars of wages.

Your lawyer will fight for economic damages to replace the amount of money you paid for vehicle repairs and medical care. You may also be awarded damages to make up for the wages that you have lost as a result of not

When Pranks Go Wrong

April Fool’s Day has come and gone. For some, the day was full of good-natured pranks. For others, the day couldn’t have ended quickly enough. No matter how you feel about the holiday, one thing is certain: Pranks can go horribly wrong.

Pranks are rarely performed with bad intentions. People plan pranks with the intention of making someone else feel silly for a short time. It’s all in good fun. Until it isn’t. Unfortunately for some, when pranks go wrong, people can end up in jail, hurt or worse.

Here are examples of some pranks that clearly did not go as planned.

1. Guns are No Laughing Matter

In 2013, Premila Lal and her cousin decided they were going to play a prank on a family friend. The friend had recently moved but was still keeping an eye on his vacant home. On this night, he was playing video games at the home with Premilia’s brother.

The pair of gamers heard a noise, not realizing that Premilia and her cousin had snuck into the house. As the pair were searching for the source of the noise, Premilia’s brother with a gun in his hand, Premilia jumped out of a closet. Premilia screamed and her brother pulled the trigger. She died at the hospital a short time later.

2. Minion Mic-Drop

The folks at Google have a long-standing reputation for participating in April Fool’s Day. This year, the team at Gmail included a Minion performing a Mic-Drop. Here’s what was supposed to happen: You send an email to someone and instead of hitting the regular send button, you hit the mic-drop icon. The person would then see an animated GIF of the Minion and be unable to reply, giving you the last word.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned. Google announced that people didn’t know about the prank and that the mic-drop button was very close to the regular send button,

Stay Safe This Weekend and Ring in The New Year Healthy

Are you planning on attending a New Year’s Eve celebration this week? With the holiday falling close to the weekend, many will be out and about, ringing in the New Year joyously. If you plan on attending an adult affair, it’s important to remember that the holidays can be a dangerous one if you aren’t careful.

Gunfire into the Sky

Have you ever heard gun shots ring out on New Year’s Eve? If you have, you know that it isn’t uncommon for people to shoot guns into the air as a way to welcome the New Year. What many people don’t think about is where that bullet ends up. A bullet can travel up to 2 miles into the air and plummet back to the earth at up to 700 feet per second. If that bullet hits someone, it could very well kill them.

Firework Accidents

Fireworks are dangerous. Whenever you shoot them off, you run the risk of injuring yourself or others nearby. Leave the pyrotechnics in the hands of the professionals. If you want to see fireworks on New Year’s Eve, head out to a show and keep them out of your backyard.

Over Indulgence

Drinking and driving, which we will get to in a moment, is not the only way that alcohol hurts people on the holiday. Alcohol poisoning is a danger any time of year, but especially on New Year’s Eve. When you are out celebrating, be sure to pace yourself and know how many drinks you have had. If you begin to feel ill or like you may pass out, let someone know immediately.

Drunk Driving

Now onto what is probably the most widely thought of danger on the holiday. It should go without saying, but if you have had anything to drink, avoid getting behind the wheel. Not only do you run the risk of hurting others, but if you are charged with

Hundreds Join WEN Class Action Suit

You have seen the product on late night and early morning infomercials. Hair guru Chaz Dean touts his product as a miracle for the hair. Unfortunately, he will now be defending those claims in court as people across 40 states come together in a class action lawsuit against the hair care giant.

Wen, the cleansing conditioner created by Dean, promises to cleanse, condition and strengthen hair. It does so, so it claims, without the use of harsh chemicals or damaging ingredients. Celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Brooke Shields have endorsed the product.

According to the nurse practitioner that started the suit, Wen makes hair fall out. Amy Friedman contends that within weeks of using the product, massive amounts of hair began to shed from her scalp. By the time all was said and done, the woman had lost about a third of her hair.

In addition to the claims of damage, the lawsuit also claims that Wen blocked or erased negative comments about its products from its Facebook page. Now that the suit has been filed, negative comments are being left alone, and they total in the dozens.

A Wen representative has declined to comment on the case. The company did, however, issue a statement in November:


“We take great pride in the quality of our products and believe every product meets our high standards. …Importantly, there is no scientific evidence to support any claim that our hair care products caused anyone to lose their hair. There are many reasons why individuals may lose their hair, all unrelated to WEN hair products. We intend to vigorously contest allegations made against our products. And, we encourage any customer with any questions to contact us.”

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Man Struck by Train in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH – A man was struck and killed by a train last Thursday in West Palm Beach. The man, identified as Christopher Barnes, 29, was from Greenacres.

According to witness accounts, Barnes was traveling west by foot. He was seen on the north side of Palm Beach Lakes. Barnes was talking on a cell phone when he walked underneath the crossing gates and was struck by the train. The train that hit Barnes was located close to Boynton Beach, forcing officers to process two separate scenes.

While this accident is tragic to be sure, it is perhaps more so because it was avoidable. Unfortunately, many of us feel as though we cannot live without our technology. We constantly check email, respond to text messages, and post to social media when we should be paying attention to our surroundings. Whether driving, bicycling or walking, it is imperative that we pay close attention to what we are doing.

When is the last time you had a near miss because you were absorbed in your mobile device? If you are like most people, it was not that long ago. We have become a nation of people who demand instant gratification and the ability to be almost permanently connected to one another.

Put your phone away. Put the tablet down. There is nothing going on inside the virtual world that cannot wait. As is the case in this news report, keeping up with the goings on of the people you know can be deadly. It doesn’t have to be. If you are performing a task that requires your attention, keep your phone tucked in your pocket. If you must take a call or respond to a text, pull over to the side of the road if you are driving. If you are walking, stop and take care of it before you start walking again. Had Barnes have done this, he may

Five Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Swim

If you have a child and are wondering whether or not they should learn how to swim, the answer is this: Yes! There are endless benefits to swimming, not the least of which is your child’s safety. Here are five reasons why it pays for your child to know how to swim.


The first reason is undoubtedly safety. If you live in an area where heading to the beach is a popular pastime, your neighbors have pools, or boating is a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon, knowing how to swim is crucial. Drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of one and 14.

Lifelong Exercise

Unlike some sports that are tough on the joints, swimming can be done for the rest of your child’s life. It feels good on the joints, is low impact, and has very little risk of injury. Once your child learns how to swim, they have learned an activity that they can perform long into old age.

Low Impact

Swimming is one of the kindest exercises for the human body. It is not tough on joints, there is no risk of fall (when in the water), and it is a great cardio workout. Children run a very low risk for damaging growth plates and forming joints with this fantastic sport.

Team Building

If your child falls in love with swimming, it can be a great sport to participate in. Participation in sports has been shown to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and a variety of social skills. Being part of a team is great for any child.

Great Workout

Swimming involves all of the muscle groups. The exercise is a quick way to burn calories, and is easy for even overweight children to participate in. The CDC tells us that swimming can help with both mental and physical health.

There are many reasons to let your child

Dealing with Heat Exhaustion and Your Child

With near record-breaking temperatures hitting the state, it is important to remember the little humans among us as they partake in summertime sports and recreational activities. Kids and heatstroke go hand-in-hand in heat like this and, sadly, the condition can be fatal if not treated quickly.

Your children do not have to be participating in organized sports to be at risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Playing outdoors in our weather can be just as dangerous. Your child’s body does not regulate heat in the same way that your adult body does. Their bodies also rise in temperature at a rate that is five times faster that of an adult.

While getting outdoors and exercising is beneficial to children, it can also be dangerous if you are not aware of heat exhaustion and how to prevent it. Follow these tips, not only for your kids, but for anyone you know who will be spending time outdoors.

You can easily recognize the signs of heat exhaustion if you just look for In many them. They include profuse sweating, increased thirst, weakness, muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, and an increased body temperature. If left untreated, these symptoms can escalate to seizures, confusion, rapid breathing, and a lack of sweating.

If your child or an adult is experiencing symptoms, bring the person into the shade or, better yet, indoors, immediately. Undress the person and have them lie down. Elevate the person’s feet and prop them on a rolled towel or pillow. If the person is alert, have them sit in a cool bath. Give them sips of cool water, but do not allow them to drink full glasses in a single go. If the person is vomiting, make sure they are lying on their side.

If you have done these things and symptoms persist or worsen, call for emergency help immediately. Without relief of symptoms, the person is at very real risk for

Man Gets Stuck in Gym Equipment

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA – Millions of people head to the gym every day in hopes of staying fit. Most of those people leave the gym the same way they entered: uninjured. Not so for a Fort Lauderdale man last week.

The 60-yeard-old unidentified man’s accident occurred just before 11:30 a.m. at The W Hotel. The hotel guest was working out on a piece of equipment designed to work the shoulders. He fell off the machine and got his head caught in it. Officials were not clear on exactly how the accident happened.

What is clear is that Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue’s Technical Rescue Team found it necessary to ready torches and saws to free the man. Luckily, another crew was able to manipulate the man’s head using nothing but a bar. He was freed from the machine but sustained significant injuries.

The man was alert when transported to Broward Health Medical Center.

While accidents like this are not a frequent occurrence, it is important to note that injuries can be sustained quite easily while using weights and other workout equipment. Before you utilize any equipment, be sure to follow these tips:

Know how to operate the machinery. No matter what you are using, be sure you are aware of its proper use. Many gyms have signs attached or next to equipment that describe how to use it correctly.

Wear the proper attire. Clothing that fits too loosely can easily be caught in the gears and mechanisms of gym equipment. Wear proper-fitting clothing at all times, including footwear.

Ask for assistance. If, at any time, you are not sure how to use a machine or believe that you need help, ask for it. A good gym will have employees on hand that can assist you.

Know your limits. Whether you are new to the gym or have been working out for years, you have limits. Realize what these are and

Strong Police Presence on San Diego Beaches

If you live in San Diego, chances are you are looking forward to spending a fun summer on the shores of the ocean. Unfortunately, many people forgo the beach out of concern for their safety. San Diego police officers aim to ease that fear this summer as they take to the beaches with body cameras for the first time.

According to Officer Angela Johnson, “We turn them on for every enforcement contact that we do. It goes on a website and downloads onto our little dock we have back at the station.”

While you can expect crowds at the beaches this summer, what you shouldn’t expect is having to share your space with someone who is intoxicated. Even though alcohol has not been permitted on local beaches for years, people are still bringing it in. Officers are making a concerted effort to put an end to the activity.

The specially-assigned beach team will patrol the sand in highly visible off-road vehicles to make sure everyone is following the rules. Those rules include no glass bottles, no smoking, and no alcohol. “With alcohol, we get a lot of incidents, where people start fights, go out swimming, forget how to swim,” said Johnson.

You can easily spot signs along the beach that declare the rules, but many aren’t aware that the same rules apply to the parking lots and boardwalk as well. That includes allowing your dog on the beach. Dogs are not permitted in any area between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Dogs in the area after 6 p.m. must remain on a leash at all times. This is to help prevent injury to both people and animals.

Even though police officers will be putting forth a strong presence, it is important that you take steps to protect yourself and your property.

Stay sober. Many altercations begin because people have had too much to drink. Verbal arguments can