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Trooper hurt in one of more than 10 crashes on Tuesday in South Florida

February 8, 2012 Heavy rain and flooded roads caused more than 10 scattered crashes in South Florida on Tuesday morning, reported the Miami Herald. None of the accidents were fatalities, only injuries. Involved in one of these crashes was a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) trooper. He was injured in a three-car accident on Florida’s Turnpike between State Road 836 and Northwest 41st Street, Miami Herald news partner CBS 4 reports. He was taken to Baptist Hospital where authorities said he had neck and lower back pain, but is in stable condition. In Miami-Dade, accidents exceeded the average. FHP worked on more than 10 crashes on major roads including the following: • Westbound I-195 at Biscayne Boulevard • Westbound 836 at … Continue reading

Criminal charges considered in car crash fraud

January 9, 2012 During a recent three-day sweep of Miami-Dade County clinics, irregularities were discovered among pain clinics that treat auto accident victims, according to After finding regulatory violations in almost 90 percent of the pain clinics that treat automobile accident victims, state investigators are considering criminal charges. Investigators found that many clinic owners had no prior healthcare experience, and that they opened auto crash clinics after learning the clinics could be lucrative. The report will prompt the state to take action to revoke the licenses of several entities. PIP, or personal injury protection, was adopted in 1972 by state legislature to make sure anyone injured in an auto accident would quickly get money to treat their injuries. Schemers … Continue reading

Man Taken into Custody for Hit and Run Fatality in Miami

May 19, 2011 Miami Police took a 23-year-old male into custody early Thursday morning on suspicion that he was involved in a Miami, Florida, hit and run crash yesterday that killed a 71-year-old Aventura, Florida, woman. When police arrived at the man’s house to question him about the accident, they discovered that he was in possession of cocaine and arrested him. He was also taken in because of an open bench warrant for driving on a suspended license. “He was arrested on unrelated charges,”Miami Police Detective Eddie Avila told WSVN“.He still remains, at this point, a person of interest.” The woman who was killed in the accident was on her way to work at 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning in … Continue reading

Woman avoids Miami wrongful death when intruder enters home

January 27, 2011 A woman almost became the victim of a Miami wrongful death when an intruder entered her home, WSVN reports. The elderly woman said the intruder disguised himself as someone making a delivery to her home. He shot her with a Taser gun and knocked her to the floor when she tried to hit him with a chair. She said she found the courage to fend him off with a pair of scissors. How would you fend off an intruder who entered your home, saving yourself from becoming the victim of a Miami wrongful death? What tips do you have to keep your home safe? If your loved or the loved one of someone you know has died … Continue reading

Teen struck, killed on skateboard in Miami auto accident

December 8, 2010 A teen was struck and killed in a Miami auto accident while skateboarding across the street, according to CBS 4. An SUV hit the teen in the Miami auto accident. The SUV then collided with another vehicle, pinning the teen between the two vehicles in the Miami auto accident. The teen was reportedly wearing headphones before the Miami auto accident and may have been talking on his cell phone. Read more. Do you think it’s safe for children to skateboard in Miami, or is there a risk for a Miami auto accident to take place? If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, the Miami auto accident lawyers at Steinger, Iscoe & … Continue reading