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Feeling Alone After A Traumatic Brain Injury

After surviving a traumatic brain injury, it’s not unusual for survivors to feel alone. Despite having family and friends surrounding them, they feel isolated. Others find that contact with friends and family s diminished. If you have suffered a brain injury and find yourself feeling as if you are working through your recovery by yourself, one of these reasons may apply to you.

You have difficulty understanding what people are saying to you. You have communication problems that were not present prior to your injury. This new inability to communicate effectively may have you feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

You are self-conscious about physical injuries or reduced capabilities. You may find it more difficult to spend time with the people you care about because of the way you feel about yourself. You may worry that people will not accept you, or you may be nervous around others.

You are more irritable and quick to snap after your injury. You may be making an effort to stay away from the people you know for fear of hurting their feelings. The people you know may be avoiding you because they are worried about the things you may say or do.

You are frequently fatigued and your energy level is low. This is common after a traumatic brain injury. You may not have the energy to participate in the activities you used to enjoy. The people in your life may be worried about tiring you out by asking you to participate in outings or events.

You are still experiencing physical pain. This pain can make it hard to do things you once did. You may have physical limitations that you have not yet figured out how to work into your new life.

You are no longer social and it is difficult to meet new people. You may have stopped working, playing sports, or participating in community activities. This is where your social group is

Baseball Bat Attack in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Cal. – An assault involving a baseball bat and a gun ended with shots fired, and a person with a gravely-serious wound.

What can only be called a brutal attack occurred in City Heights early Sunday morning. Officers were dispatched to Central Avenue shortly after 2:30 a.m., just one block south of University Avenue.

According to reports, the attack began with an 18-year-old man being attacked by three or four people with baseball bats. The young man was pursued by the subjects into the front yard of a home where people were having a social gathering.

The young man pleaded with the family for assistance and was permitted inside the home to hide. As the suspects with bats entered the front yard, one fired a handgun at the man, hitting an innocent bystander.

The 24-year-old victim is not expected to survive the bullet wound to his head. The man was rushed to Mercy Hospital where he has been listed in grave condition.

The San Diego Police Department is asking that anyone who has information regarding this attack call 619.531.2293. Tipsters can remain anonymous for their protection. If you have information that can lead to the arrest of these individuals, please call.

At Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, we represent people who have been afflicted with brain and/or spinal cord injuries. Both of these types of injury can be caused by incidents just like this one.

Signs of brain injury include:

 Headache Vision Changes Lethargy Weakness Nausea Fainting

Signs of spinal cord injury include:

Paralysis (Partial or Full) Headache Weakness Loss of Sensation Changes in Motor Function

Brain and spinal cord injuries range from mild to severe, some may even result in death. If you have been hit in the head or back, your injuries are nothing to ignore. Even if you do not feel ill or injured, medical attention should be the first thing that you seek. Once you

Surprise Baby Tips the Scales in Florida

TAMPA, Fla. – Experiencing pregnancy is a joyful time for many new mothers. What happens, though, when you do not know that you are pregnant?

It sounds like fiction, but it is exactly what has just been experienced by Florida mother Maxxzandra Ford. According to Ford, who never had symptoms associated with pregnancy, she did not realize she was pregnant until she was close to her due date.

Visiting the doctor due to what Ford calls rapid weight gain, she was surprised to learn that she was pregnant. Not only was she expecting her third child, but she was more than 8 months along.

Ford, who is already the mother to a 5-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son, welcomed her new bundle of joy on January 29 at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa. And what a bundle it was!

Avery Ford was born and quickly labeled as one of the largest children ever born in the state of Florida. What afforded him this dubious distinction? The fact that little…er…big Avery weighed in at 14.1 pounds directly after birth.

“I was cussing up a storm,” said Ford, describing her natural delivery to WFTS. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’ and they were like ‘Stop pushing. Stop pushing.”

The baby, who was born with a full head of hair, is currently residing in the hospital’s neonatal unit. According to the doctor who is taking care of him, it is not uncommon for such large babies to experience health issues shortly after birth.

Larger infants may have difficulty passing through and emerging from the birth canal, resulting in problems with breathing, eating, and regulating blood sugars. Avery is as healthy as one would expect of such a large baby, and he is expected to be going home to live with his family soon.

If your child experienced brain injury due to traumatic birth or malpractice, contact the experienced, compassionate attorneys at Steinger, Iscoe

Does Education Affect Brain Injury Recovery?

Of all the injuries that we’ve seen our clients cope with, brain injuries are often among the most devastating and difficult to recover from. As the central organ that regulates thought, speech, memory, emotions and body coordination even a minor brain injury can have permanent consequences. Injuries as seemingly small as a concussion or bump on the head can change quality of life. In more severe cases, a brain injury can cause temporary or permanent amnesia, blackouts and seizures, and even a comatose state.

But the trouble with brain injuries is not just that they’re serious: it’s also that they’re hard to recover from. Even with the best medical science available, a doctor may not be able to give a patient any clear idea of when or if they will recover their full cognitive abilities. Treatments are often hit-and-miss.

That’s what makes a new study in Neurology particular promising. The study followed the outcomes of patients with head injuries, and noticed an important trend: those who have more “cognitive reserve” have better outcomes.

What is cognitive reserve? It’s a sort of buffed up level of mental dexterity that comes from lots of mental engagement, like reading books or going to school. Cognitive reserve is sort of the brain equivalent of going to the gym all the time. It represents a stronger brain that can take on more strain and bounce back from it better. The study

suggests that that includes better recovery from serious brain injuries.

Unfortunately, these results have been distorted in the media, which has focused on education. Going to school is indeed one way to build up cognitive reserve, with more years of schooling translating to more reserve. But it’s not the only way: sudoku, social engagement, reading and writing, and even learning a new language are all ways to get that much-needed reserve. And the advantages of these other methods is that they can be

Florida Legal Help after a Brain Injury

Before his accident, Casey was a popular kid. He was a swimming champion in his high school, putting in long hours of training that resulted in wins at meets – and some impressive muscles. On top of the swim team, he kept his grades up so well that his parents allowed him to enter a drag race at Palm Beach International Raceway.

It was his last sporting event.

Casey’s car didn’t stop at the finish line, instead crashing into a row of tires in a gravel pit. The force of the impact took a serious toll on his brain, forever changing his life according to The Palm Beach Post.

What happened to Casey is just one of many brain injuries that happen in Florida every year. Most are caused by car accidents. Victims of any kind of accident should seek legal help to get compensation, but when brain injury is involved there are extra obstacles:

The victim of a brain injury is often unable to make independent decisions. It can be hard for relatives to know what’s best to do for them, or to find the energy to pursue a legal case. A traumatic brain injury is generally life-altering. The emotional cost on both the victim, and their family, is tremendous – something that no amount of money can make up for.

At Steinger, Iscoe & Greene we routinely walk families through their legal options after a brain injury is endured by a loved one. Money can’t replace what was lost, but we know that the medical costs of a brain injury are among the highest bills most families will ever see. In some cases, brain surgery and rehabilitation are more expensive than a new home.

The results of a brain injury can be far more than pain and lost time or money – it can often involve the loss of crucial aspects of a loved one’s personality, or their

Teen shot through head with fishing spear

A teen was accidentally shot in the head with a three foot long spear, reports The Miami Herald. The teen remains in serious condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The 16-year-old boy was swimming in a lake near his southwest Miami-Dade home when his 15-year-old friend was loading a spear gun for fishing.

The friend touched the trigger and sent the spear zooming toward the 16 year old. It entered the teen’s head about an inch above his right eye, entered the right side of his brain, and remained stuck in his head.

“It’s a miracle the spear missed all the main blood vessels of the brain,’’ said neurosurgeon Ross Bullock.

Doctors said the main thing was to fight their urge to quickly yank the foreign object out of the teen’s head. Instead, they x-rayed his head to determine the extent of the damage, and then they used rebar cutters and vise grips from the Miami Dade fire department to stabilize the spear and to figure out how to remove it.

The teen underwent three hours of surgery to remove the spear. He has no recollection of the accident.

To recover and to reveal the extent of his injuries, the teen is expected to remain hospitalized for several more months.

If you or someone you know has suffered from a Miami Brain Injury, the Florida Personal Injury Lawyers at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene may be able to help.

New Report: Cell Phones, Microwaves May Cause Brain Cancer

Cell phones have been rumored to cause cancer for years now, but there’s not yet been a study substantial enough to support that claim.

A statement on Tuesday from the International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded that wireless phone use may be carcinogenic to humans. The agency puts cell phones in its “possibly carcinogenic” category 2B, which also contains the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust.

The new study says that the same goes for microwaves and radar, all of which use a type of electromagnetic radiation that the agency says may be linked to an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer.

The finding follows a week-long meeting of cancer experts in Lyon, France. The agency that conducted the study is a branch of the World Health Organization and the study has now been sent on to the WHO and other national health agencies for further review.

Many previous studies on cell phones and cancer have met with controversy.

An estimated 5 billion people have cell phone subscriptions.

Have you or someone you know been involved in an injury or accident in Florida?

The Florida injury lawyers at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene may be able to help.

Floridians blame contaminated water for brain tumors

According to the Palm Beach Post, some Acreage, Florida, residents believe contaminant spills in their water source from the rocket and jet engine developer, Pratt & Whitney, could be the cause of brain cancer affecting a number of people in the area.

Florida traumatic brain injury victim awarded $50M

A jury awarded $50 million to a family who was hit by a drunk driver three years ago. Their son was left with a serious Florida traumatic brain injury, then four years old at the time. The accident shattered the boy’s skull, lodging bone in his brain which had to be removed with parts of the boy’s brain.

The father suffered a serious Florida head injury in addition to a ruptured spleen and diaphragm. He has not been able to return to work since the serious Florida auto accident.

The drunk driver, who later pleaded guilty to DUI, was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the serious Florida auto accident he caused.

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$11.5 investment made to examine therapies for Florida brain injuries

A clinical trial will occur in 12 U.S. cities aimed to help children who have suffered traumatic Florida brain injuries.

Patients must have received a severe Florida brain injury caused by blunt trauma, such as those caused by Florida auto accidents. The trial is expected to last five years and will test induced hypothermia as a therapy for brain swelling in children who have suffered a serious Florida head injury.

The Miami Children’s Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami will two of the main participants in the trial.

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