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Florida Legal Help after a Brain Injury

January 22, 2013 Before his accident, Casey was a popular kid. He was a swimming champion in his high school, putting in long hours of training that resulted in wins at meets – and some impressive muscles. On top of the swim team, he kept his grades up so well that his parents allowed him to enter a drag race at Palm Beach International Raceway. It was his last sporting event. Casey’s car didn’t stop at the finish line, instead crashing into a row of tires in a gravel pit. The force of the impact took a serious toll on his brain, forever changing his life according to The Palm Beach Post. What happened to Casey is just one of … Continue reading

Teen shot through head with fishing spear

A teen was accidentally shot in the head with a three foot long spear, reports The Miami Herald. The teen remains in serious condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Continue reading

New Report: Cell Phones, Microwaves May Cause Brain Cancer

June 1, 2011 Cell phones have been rumored to cause cancer for years now, but there’s not yet been a study substantial enough to support that claim. A statement on Tuesday from the International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded that wireless phone use may be carcinogenic to humans. The agency puts cell phones in its “possibly carcinogenic” category 2B, which also contains the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust. The new study says that the same goes for microwaves and radar, all of which use a type of electromagnetic radiation that the agency says may be linked to an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer. The finding follows a week-long meeting of cancer experts in … Continue reading

Floridians blame contaminated water for brain tumors

August 11, 2009 According to the Palm Beach Post, some Acreage, Florida, residents believe contaminant spills in their water source from the rocket and jet engine developer, Pratt & Whitney, could be the cause of brain cancer affecting a number of people in the area.

Florida traumatic brain injury victim awarded $50M

A jury awarded $50 million to a family who was hit by a drunk driver three years ago. Their son was left with a serious Florida traumatic brain injury, then four years old at the time. The accident shattered the boy’s skull, lodging bone in his brain which had to be removed with parts of the boy’s brain. The father suffered a serious Florida head injury in addition to a ruptured spleen and diaphragm. He has not been able to return to work since the serious Florida auto accident. The drunk driver, who later pleaded guilty to DUI, was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the serious Florida auto accident he caused. Click here to read … Continue reading

$11.5 investment made to examine therapies for Florida brain injuries

A clinical trial will occur in 12 U.S. cities aimed to help children who have suffered traumatic Florida brain injuries. Patients must have received a severe Florida brain injury caused by blunt trauma, such as those caused by Florida auto accidents. The trial is expected to last five years and will test induced hypothermia as a therapy for brain swelling in children who have suffered a serious Florida head injury. The Miami Children’s Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami will two of the main participants in the trial. Click here to read more

Girl dies from head injury at school

The Miami-Dade police are looking into the death a 12 year-old girl who suffered a Florida traumatic brain injury at her middle school. She died at the hospital. The exact cause of the girl’s traumatic brain injury and death hasn’t been released by authorities, but they did say no weapons were involved. Click here to read more